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Is this bone chilling timelapse shot in space onboard ISS the best ever?

Andrew Reid

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Set to the theme of Danny Boyle's Sunshine here is what I think could well be the best timelapse ever shot.

Likely taken with a Nikon full frame DSLR (NASA have used Nikon cameras in space since the 1960's) it shows a view of the Earth at night from an orbiting International Space Station.

The colour and light is just fantastic.

Full screen it, project it, darken the lights and put the volume up a notch. It is worth it believe me.

Read the full story here

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I find the way the structures manoeuver and interact with the light to be the most beautiful aspect to this. The music is also amazing. I have yet to purchase the soundtrack on the basis that they decided only to release it on horrible itunes, and no cd release.

I love this too:-
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When we were 15 and lay on the meadow facing the night sky, we exchanged thoughts about, er, [i]everything[/i]. Because we felt as if we were the center of the universe and very marginal at the same time. Conventional time lapse clips visually confirm the medieval concept of the firmament with the stars passing around us. What makes this beautiful clip so touching is that we see the marble drifting away, the eye is no longer earthbound.

I would like to have a timelapse film which starts conventionally, at normal speed and at the height of the traffic lights at the end of the street, facing the horizon , and then, with a smooth speed ramp to timelapse, the surface rotates and dives away, leaving the canopy. As if the nodal point of the camera was no longer "connected to relativity" (unthinkable, but true: all these connections are just the limits of our imagination), and everything else moved.

Rotating earth instead of sky has been done:
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I'm lifting this thread. Here is my version of the Space Timelapse featuring new sequences. Took me a lot of work to achieve because the photo were only available in JPEG and the astronauts love to shoot in AWB and weird expo settings (f/1.4, ISO2000, 1/4000...). I don't blame the guys, they have plenty of stuff to do and this is already great to get this resource from NASA.
For the fun fact, NASA is big on Nikon. 90% of these are taken with a D3S and a few D4 and D2x as well. Apparently the D5 didn't make it to space yet (or the pic are not available).



And if you like Timelapse. That's what I do. Cheers


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