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  1. [quote name='marcuswolschon' timestamp='1346913079' post='17420'] Does anyone have hope left that the 30min recording limit will be lifted? Aiming at a more pro market that limitaiton seems rediculus. [/quote] In some legal jurisdictions, such as Europe, it cannot record more than 30 minutes as then it is legally re classified as a camcorder, and enteres a different tax bracket As good as the GH2 is, why would you use this and not a Sony VG-20? It won't happen anyway
  2. [quote name='Tzedekh' timestamp='1346939019' post='17448'] I agree. Sorry, I thought you were explaining why it might [i]not[/i] be 10-bit. The only reason not to include 10-bit at this point, especially since the camera purportedly will cost more than the GH2, is that Panasonic doesn't want it to compete with their pro video cameras. [/quote] exactly. This thing will cost as much as a Pana ag af 100 by the time it's kittted out, and there is no guarantee this thing is even going to happen. Unlikely I'd say
  3. [quote name='nickname' timestamp='1344896696' post='15582'] i also check this blog every day because i´m bored and addicted to camera p+rn, but i´m not gonna get excited about this one. if they have all that video technology up their sleeve, why didn´t they use it on the a77 already? just had an a77 in hand. it´s a plastic toy. hate the electronic viewfinder. much prefer fuji hybrid one. a99 will be a consumer product with consumer features. will be fun to quote you all after the disappointing announcement of the actual a99 specs. [/quote] it's not going to happen as they have a dedicated camcorder in the vg-20- and it's a small step up to the FS100. So the " top sources " did not say this, and if they did, only to cloud the issue playing cards close to their sleeve
  4. [quote name='quobetah' timestamp='1344770356' post='15384'] Cinema quality features as in RAW codec or LOG uncompressed option, HD-SDI port, XLR etc... Yes the Blackmagic Cam is enough for the Indie filmmakers requirements for low price cinema camera. For event filmmakers though, the massive filesizes of uncompressed and RAW is just not that nescessary for the mid-level post prod , quick delivery requirements (same day edit) and run n gun shooting that they do. I should know, I shoot weddings for a living..using all Nex cameras. (FS100,VG10,Nex 5Ns and 7). [/quote] the price is good, however, how many owners would graduate to cinema. 99% of owners will have their vid compressed on TV or youtube, defeating the purpose of uncompressed vid, although I've been told result isn't bad. Getting Da Vinci Licence is the deal maker for some
  5. better off with a vg-20 for vid [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jABGw1ydjuw[/media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x9JvSTO59A
  6. [quote name='jemjemjem' timestamp='1344136857' post='14973'] Thanks for the nice comments. I just animated the scale of the video, to just give the effect of a dolly move. Had to do it, because a static shot at that part of the video just breaks the flow. [/quote] good work
  7. it needs to be taken to a place where there is lots of colour contrast. We don't need an acting demo. It's not relevent. After August, hard question will need to be asked not only of black magic, but Digital Bolex too
  8. [quote name='brintamatic' timestamp='1343797530' post='14770'] I need help from all you experts. Is the GH2 still the way to go for video? I know GH3 may be just around the corner and there have definitely been some other competition that have been getting some notice (Sony, Canon, Olympus, etc...) Also, I saw in a recent post that someone mentioned that I should try to find a GH2 used. Where would a good place to look be? Should I buy the GH2 Shooter's Guide book before buying the GH2? Does the hack cost money? Any help for the newbie would be greatly appreciated. [/quote] I spoke to Pana HQ the other day and they know nothing of a GH3. Good as GH2 is, why not use a Sony vg-20 at that price
  9. Oh dear. Problems for the 5D III? [indent=1] Well…after some testing I have determined that, if you care at all about high speed shooting or clearing you buffer quickly, YOU DO NOT want to put a card in the SD slot. Why? Because, for some reason unbeknownst to me, Canon decided to build the 5D Mark III with one very fast CF slot which supports the newer UDMA7 protocol and an SD slot which does NOT support the high speed standard.[/indent] [url="http://www.cultofmac.com/175523/using-an-sd-card-in-the-canon-5dmkiii-brings-the-cameras-speed-to-its-knees/?utm_source=scribol.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=scribol.com"]http://www.cultofmac...ign=scribol.com[/url]
  10. [quote name='Icke84' timestamp='1343140088' post='14421'] Hi guys, last week i shoot a rc helicopter event with my new fs700, some shoots are filmed with nex5n. have fun watching it. Marcus [/quote] They know how to manouvre those things. Looks like the FS700 did good job. Have fun with the slow mo :D
  11. If like me you have Apple computers, best stick with iphone that works with them. Use a phone that works with the kit you have
  12. could those that give negative Karma please explain why?  Maybe the film maker and myself may learn something if the detractors state their reasons There is a certain meaningless and pointlessness in giving negative K unless a reason is given.  The recipient and in this case the film maker, who by extension is also given negative K by implication, learn nothing
  13. [quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=951.msg6973#msg6973 date=1341792597] Well done to those who got it  ;) PS it is not a GH2 or GH3 [/quote] so who got it and what is it?
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