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  1. Hi Paulio,   Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it.   Sorry didnt see your reply.   Shot with my GH2 Moon T6 Hack  (Zeiss ZF 50 F1.4, Lumix 12-35 2.8 and Nikon AIS 85 1.4).   Grading wise I just applied a velvia film stock.
  2. [media]http://vimeo.com/48723332[/media] Something I shot over the weekend with driftwoods new Apocalypse now settings.
  3. Hey guys, I've been playing around with my new gini-rig. However I've been noticing a problem whenever I'am racking focus. Especially when I'am using a longer/heavier lens. Since the lens weights more then the camera, there is a cantilever effect. The camera tilts up and down whenever I turn my focus wheel. Iam not sure if you guys have experience such a problem. Would really like to know how you guys will go about solving this issue. So far what I can come up with, its either adding more weight on my GH2 or finding some kind of lens support(so the lens mounts directly to the rig, instead to the camera.)
  4. [url="https://vimeo.com/30215426"]https://vimeo.com/30215426[/url] Hey guys what about this fluid head. Was thinking of this video head, but cant think of any good cheap tripod legs to pair this with. Any suggestions?
  5. Awesome article, really appreciate it. Thanks Andrew
  6. [quote name='dreams2movies' timestamp='1345102869' post='15791'] Hey wondering why using a long telephoto zoom lens for wedding.. I see the F2.8 is it because you want a nice shallow depth of field, which the 200mm + 2.8 will get you, but you will have to be so far away from your subject and the framing will be small to work with.. why don't you use a medium telephoto size like 50 or 85mm with big aperture? I'm just asking to hear your answer, you could teach me something new.. but here is a lens you can add to your option, its fairly new by Rokinon.. not many ratings or feedback yet but its great price.. The lens structure and build is not a great as that nikon lens but its a 85mm with F1.4 for $300! this lens is on my wish list http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/769411-REG/Rokinon_85M_O_85mm_f_1_4_Aspherical_Lens.html [/quote] Its actually something I learnt from the stillmotion guys actually in this video. http://vimeo.com/15030910 Makes sense, so I want to give it a shot.
  7. wow...or I could use that to. Thanks for the heads up, really what I need. Hows your experience with the Tokina 80-200mm ? Good ?
  8. Hi guys, I really want this setup for wedding shoots on my GH2. Since the Canon 70-200mm is out of the question due to the lack of aperture control. However I've been looking around at Nikon G mount lenses, apparently they have adapters that have manual aperture control. So I was wondering. Tamron 70-200mm Nikon mount + Nikon G to M4/3 adapter + GH2 Anybody have any experience with this setup?
  9. Hi Guys, Just did up another video. Taking the GH2 for a spin. [url="http://vimeo.com/47352245"]http://vimeo.com/47352245[/url]
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for the recommendations so far. The film city matte box looks pretty good and about my budget, Will find more reviews about it
  11. Hi guys, Am looking around for budget mattebox. Along the line of Konova or Redstar..etc. Something along the Pro line which allows for filters. Wondering do you guys have any recommendations of any matte box, based on your experience. Thanks
  12. [quote name='QuickHitRecord' timestamp='1344125653' post='14964'] Nice work. Very interesting looking buildings. There's a very subtle dolly move at around 0:40. How did you achieve that? [/quote] Thanks for the nice comments. I just animated the scale of the video, to just give the effect of a dolly move. Had to do it, because a static shot at that part of the video just breaks the flow.
  13. Recently Singapore just opened the new gardens by the bay. And I decided to take my new GH2 for a spin. [url="http://vimeo.com/46205226"]http://vimeo.com/46205226[/url]
  14. [quote name='Maxdslr' timestamp='1343153323' post='14430'] So I just got my extreme 17 rig from [url="http://www.ginirigs-usa.com/75-new-extreme-17-follow-focus-weight.html"]http://www.ginirigs-...cus-weight.html[/url] and I couldn't be happier! I have heard many good and bad things about gini so did my research about them before ordering. Found they had a new site and brought of there (one listed above) and was surprised that it came in just 3 days from Korea. So it came all in one small box all seperatley packaged as you can see from the photo below. [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/20669/500ee1ccbf502_photo1.jpg[/img] Wasnt quite sure how it went together but just checked a photo out from the site and after a while I got it together. The quality of the parts is just insaine. I have used and owned a few other rigs in my time but nothing even comes close to how good this is made. And the best thing was, this is the cheapest rig I have ever brought! I have another rig at the moment but was very curious about Gini so I got this one. I think i am happy to say I will be selling my other rig now because it doesnt compare at all. [img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/20669/500ee3b3bfb0f_photo.jpg[/img] I payed $399 for the extreme 17 in their sale and $85 postage. Pretty steep postage but for under $500 this is the best thing I have brought. Anyone else had any experiences with them? [/quote] Hey max, I have just purchased the Gini rig myself. Was wondering what matte box do you use with your Gini rig. Or do you have any others to recommend.
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