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  1. [quote name='MOONGOAT' timestamp='1342972506' post='14307'] Check out the Fancier 270A. Not the 270. I've used one. Great for the price. [/quote] Thanks! That one looks awesome. I think I'll order one!
  2. Hey guys, what do you think about the sony a57? It has nice features such as 1080/60p and integrated stabilization. There many reviews on the internet regarding to its photo capabilities, but I found nothing informative about its video capabilites. best regards
  3. Quinlan


    [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1342899631' post='14275'] Good to see that Sony and Panasonic are still pushing even if Canon isn't. Had a go of their bridge camera today and it was SO poor. Zero AF ability, rubbish screen, poor build, awful grip (I almost dropped it the first time I picked it up, it really is shocking) and signs of major cost cutting throughout. [/quote] I totally agree. I think what Canon is doing is out of all reason... The 650d is another example of that: it has still the major issues concerning imagequality than its predecessors...
  4. I think it's good that Nolan is still not using digital. Even if digital looks amazing and there's no mentionable difference anymore, I think there some nuances in the look that gives film "more soul".
  5. [quote name='kirk' timestamp='1342892729' post='14269'] Heavy'ish and dead cheap in Germany: [url="http://www.fotokoch.de/fotowelt/Bilora_Stativ_Video_Pro_II_Doppel-Profilo_25673.html?prepage=stat.html"]http://www.fotokoch....epage=stat.html[/url] [/quote] Thanks, I'll consider it, but 3,1kg isn't really heavy. I thought more about 7kg. Do have the tripod yourself? How is the build quality? best regards
  6. Tripod looks amazing, but I can find only one offer on ebay and that's for 607€???
  7. Hey guys, I need a new tripod and I don't want to spend more than 250€. Is there a tripod you can recommend, which is usable for panning & tilting? So more it weigths the better. best regards
  8. I encountered this kind of problems too. The problem was solved when I changed to a quality card. If you hack you camera and use a card of minor quality i'll have problems to manage the high bitrates of the hacked gh2 and produces errors.
  9. For Interview situations the 14-42mm Kit Lens should be acceptable. But I'dont unterstand, why you want to use your gh2 as B cam and the AC130 as your A Cam. I often used the AC130 and I can garantee that the image quality is far inferior to gh2s ;)
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