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  1. I understand your points. But you want a perfect camera and they won't do it because then what's left? A stills camera that films it's just a stills camera deep down. If you want a stills camera with raw video and 10 bit or whatever, what's the point of the company on having pro cameras? That would make them obsolete. Firstly they are a company, and they care about profits, like every company in the world.
  2. Not to excuse GOT, but regarding to Bradford Young, the DP of Arrival and Solo, you just have to accept that its his style. A DP can have his own signature. I liked the Arrival cinematography. The one on Solo, I also found too dark and sometimes hard to see. But I mean, he's obviously knows what he's doing otherwise he wouldn't be working with no one. On the GOT episode, I'm sure the footage has more light. It was on the grading. The DP has some input on the grading as well, because it's part of the aesthetic he and the director imagined, but's he's not the one doing it.
  3. They are from the same DP. If you look at some of his interviews, he admits he likes to underexpose his shots on purpose.
  4. Hi, So, a friend of mine just bought the a6300 and we went out to test it. Filmed at 4k, some parts at 120fps 1080p, all exported to 1080p. Color correction was with magic bullet film. S-log2 with s-gammut Here you go:
  5. Does the Shogun record RAW on the FS7 as well?
  6. I'm just trying to think the way you think... "today I'm gonna shoot a video, let's take this dslr", the day after.. "today I'm gonna shoot some stills, let's take a blackmagic"!
  7. Andrew, something does not compute regarding the way you use the tools available. You are always complaining that most DSLR's suck on their video performance, yet they are aimed for photography. And you use a camera aimed for filming to retain photography stills. What if you use each tool for their own purpose?
  8. How is it the 5d mkII better than the D800?!
  9. When you say "The sensor is the best in the stills world, and second best in the video world just behind the 5D Mark III." is with the 5D on magic lantern with raw or without any hack?
  10. Well, don't forget to tell that the a7r has peaking and zebra. 
  11. filipeG

    Natural Beauty

    https://vimeo.com/75015701     Hey! This is my latest video.   The footage is going to be part of a music video that i'm directing.   Shot with Nikon D800   Graded with Colorista and Film Convert.
  12. [quote name='alexander' timestamp='1342865661' post='14225'] filipeG Who said that digital is as good as IMAX ??? [/quote] You said that film has already beaten by Alexa and Sony...
  13. I think that its the card, although it's one original Sandisk Extreme Pro 16gb 95mB/s. Sometimes the camera says that the card isn't reading. And yesterday I was filming a videoclip and changed to an Sandisk 8gb Pro at 20 mB/s and the problems disappeared. My card was expensive has hell. If the problem is the card, I'll be very angry!!
  14. In the patch vault it says: "Just after recording, a clip will not playback in-camera. If you reboot the camera and enter playback mode, all clips will playback just fine. This is normal behavior of the hacked GH2 and not a bug in the patch." This problem is only consistent with certain hacks. I've used hacks that not had this problem. Since I have my hacked GH2 running the latest official firmware that some problems start occurring. Sometimes the image freezes and continues.. Sometimes there are gray frames. I don't understand, but I have never encountered so many problems since I started using the latest firmware hacked. I'll probably go to 1.0 again, since I never had problems with that one. Have any of you had problems with the hacked latest firmware? For me it ruined one short-film, and one videoclip.
  15. I read IMAX has "only" 16.000 lines of resolution. Where the hell digital comes near that?
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