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  1. Sharing my latest work as a freelance climbing/sport filmmaker. Shot entirely on the Panasonic GH4 in 4K and 1080p for slow-motion in 4 days in wonderful Isola d'Elba. Please do have a look even if you don't care much about the subject matter, I'd be very interested in some feedback! The video was cut into 4 parts for convenience, be sure to check for the links to the next episodes in the description.
  2. filipeG

    Natural Beauty

    https://vimeo.com/75015701     Hey! This is my latest video.   The footage is going to be part of a music video that i'm directing.   Shot with Nikon D800   Graded with Colorista and Film Convert.
  3. Hi, I'm struggling with film convert. As soon as I import Prores footage into my NLE and start applying a profile, I first select my camera and the way I recorded the footage (BMPCC / film). I shoot flat profile. The next step is to choose the right white balancing. This is where I experience an issue, possibly because I'm missing the point :-) Does Film Convert "know" how I shot the footage, from meta data or something? I guess not? Sometimes I need to change the color temperature to something else then how I set my camera color temperature during recording, forcing me to manually chang
  4. Nobody really cares about GH2 stuff anymore but I figured I'd post these here anyhow.  Anyway, while we're waiting on financing to materialize for our next feature, Tim and I decided to shoot a series of spec commercial spots to go after some cashflow business.    All of these were shot using the Flowmotion patch and graded with Shian Storm's ColorGHear Tools for AfterEffects, each one geting its own look.  They pretty much cover looks from mild to more extreme.  Two of them, the beer and the BBQ spot, passed through Film Convert prior to grading.   http://vim
  5. With a little luck, Goat Man's Hill will be going into pre-production on our next feature in the next couple months.  In all likelihood I'm going to shoot most of it with "Moon Trial 3" and anamorphic.  A good deal of it will be available light and night in urban spaces.  The basis for my finishing pipeline will be After Effects, Film Convert and ColorGHear.     I've started roughing out various recipes for how the footage will flow through the pipeline, mainly dealing with NR and then the right balance of grain to put back in.  At some point I may investigate C
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