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My cameras and kit

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  1. Nobody really cares about GH2 stuff anymore but I figured I'd post these here anyhow.  Anyway, while we're waiting on financing to materialize for our next feature, Tim and I decided to shoot a series of spec commercial spots to go after some cashflow business.    All of these were shot using the Flowmotion patch and graded with Shian Storm's ColorGHear Tools for AfterEffects, each one geting its own look.  They pretty much cover looks from mild to more extreme.  Two of them, the beer and the BBQ spot, passed through Film Convert prior to grading.   http://vimeo.com/65760215   http://vimeo.com/65845523   http://vimeo.com/65759064   http://vimeo.com/65754973   ...there's a fifth one I'm dragging my feet on with motion-graphics and VFX.  Focusing so much attention on shooting and learning more about cameras and playing around with grading and such it's actually hard staying motivated to work on tedious visual effects these days.  Oh well.   Anyway, we basically brainstormed quick, humorous concepts for each spot after coming up with a list of local or Texas-based brands.  Then we shot them all over a couple days, minus a couple pick up shots that I went out solo to get.    
  2. Dear people! This is my new asian short film "Saga Seed" shot on gh2. Hope you like it! http://youtu.be/hqfcvAcvIt8   Support me if you like it :)
  3. Hey everyone, just wanted to post a link to my website www.seekingheartwood.com I've spent the past 21 months on the road shooting this doc with a hacked GH2, AF100, HMC150, and a little Gopro thrown in. On the main page you'll see a video for my Kickstarter campaign. I used the AF100 for the main cam with a 50mm old zeiss lens, and the b-cam was the GH2 with vanilla eoshd hack and an old 90mm vivitar series 1 lens. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5ngqj0Rwjk"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5ngqj0Rwjk[/url] thanks!
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