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  1. insanedb

    4k Film Grain

    Check out this affordable 4K Film Grain Pack http://grainzilla.com/4k-film-grain-pack/ Also download free samples here: http://grainzilla.com/free-film-grain-download/ https://vimeo.com/97784036
  2. Hello friends, I'd like to share this free 35mm film grain plate: http://vegasaur.com/free-35mm-film-grain Feel free to use it in your projects! http://vimeo.com/59249383
  3. Ok so I've been using cineplus cinema picture style along side ive Lotus picture style both being a Kodak vision2 kind of in camera grade. I usually tweak them a bit in post but for the most part they are very good and quite cheap honestly but that's not what I wanted to talk about. What do you guys think about grading footage to look like 35 or 16mm film? I'm not talking necessarily "the film look" but I mean making footage actually look as if it was shot on film. What techniques do you use? Any type of workflow/grains you recommend? Is it overrated to go for this look and how often do you do
  4. ClipToolz COLOR v2.0 is out now. All the power of Film Convert without the pricetag plus a de-noise feature that you don't get in Resolve Lite! COLOR lets you gererate film grain 'loops' so you can create them in any length, it features a great set of 3D LUTs and very accurate waveform monitor, vectorscope, historgram and RGB Parade. COLOR does not need a high performance GPU CUDA card so works on low spec computers and you can even operate COLOR's control wheels from your iPad! Take a look at RAW and Thumbs too!
  5. With a little luck, Goat Man's Hill will be going into pre-production on our next feature in the next couple months.  In all likelihood I'm going to shoot most of it with "Moon Trial 3" and anamorphic.  A good deal of it will be available light and night in urban spaces.  The basis for my finishing pipeline will be After Effects, Film Convert and ColorGHear.     I've started roughing out various recipes for how the footage will flow through the pipeline, mainly dealing with NR and then the right balance of grain to put back in.  At some point I may investigate C
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