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    Sony, Canon relased lots of new equipment... but Panasonic is sleeping? We're waiting for new model of AF100 and GH2... Of course they relased AC130/AC160 and 250 models - good cameras... now we heard about G5... G5 have improved details, but possible no full manual modes... I like the waiting... but i need good GH3 and AF200? - for me AF100 with GH2 sensor and firmware will be good enought ;) (of course with minimum 4:2:2 HD-SDI output... ;) )
  2. Good but.... I saw better timelapses... every shots from ISS looks good, but i prefer other timelapses... from our mother earth not above it ;)
  3. Good Work... but... We at sportevents also using R44, this is not good Heli for filming, lots of vibrations (and its ony one engine heli, not so safety ;) ) I'll upload soon our shots from R44, the common problems with aerial foto is a time of day for filming... i prefer time when the sun is near horizon, it gives good long shadows in picture.... When you're filming at high position of the sun, landscapes are flat, and not attractive (it's my opinion).... I prefer cloudy day than sunny day with high sun level ;) keep up good work /regards /M.
  4. Hello, here is short example how Raynox DCR-250 works with small 1/4inch 3MOS SDT-750 Handycam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj_bGfkta88&hd=1 Enjoy and wait for longer video of macro world comming soon.... The problem was a wind, and no extra light, i'll wait for no-wind weather ;) Recorded in 1080/50p - downscaled to 720 25p and slowed down to 25p /regards to all EOSHD users from Poland /Mell
  5. Hello all Eoshd users... here is our new 2012 reel, filmed mostly with Panasonic HMC151, now we're upgraded our equipment to Canon DSLR and GH2 - more stuff comming soon... be patient. Our primary target is ExtremeSports - mostly 4x4 motorsports, but in 2012 we decided to move into commercial and corporate videos.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U6DiHrQBC8 Above is link to our 2012 (works in first 6months) enjoy and regards from Poland /Maciej
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