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  1. I've been shooting aerial video using the Canon EOS 5D MkII atop the IGO Indiemount (pat pend), a gyro stabilized camera mount of my own design & manufacture. As anyone shooting HD video knows, it is finicky when it comes to vibration. The goal was to design a mount that would be as economical as possible and enable me to safely fly my airplane while shooting aerial video. In standard configuration the IGO utilizes (2) Kenyon KS-8 gyros w/inverters & battery packs which allow for up to 3 hrs capture time. The mount also has provision for a 3rd gyro. The mount was a success the very first flight. "Strip Tease" was shot March 2011 in Las Vegas during a Professional Aerial Photographers Association conference. It was the debut for the IGO Indiemount and first use in the helicopter: [url="http://www.aero-fotografik.com/indexHD3.html"]http://www.aero-foto...m/indexHD3.html[/url] Strip Tease is over 5 minutes of continuous uncut footage shot from an R44 helicopter. Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed capturing it! Happy Shooting! Fotopilot
  2. Witaj! That's the beauty of the mount I made, it isolates the camera from vibration of the R44 with no problem. See the Vegas Strip video on my site, over 5 minutes of uncut continuous footage from an R44: [url="http://www.aero-fotografik.com/indexHD3.html"]http://www.aero-fotografik.com/indexHD3.html[/url] All of my filming from helicopters is from the R44. Other aerial filming is done from Cessna 172, while flying the airplane. I agree totally that filming during the golden hours, with clouds & also night makes for much more of a dramatic scene. Black Hills was a free ride so I was on heli company's schedule which was unfortunately during 1-3 p.m. in afternoon, also the bumpiest time of day. In this case was a good test for the mount system in R44. Pozdrowienia,
  3. Thanks, appreciate the advice and will do. This whole anamorphic thing is very cool as well, up until finding EOSHD I never gave it much thought. Tough being a newbie sometimes...
  4. Thanks. No matter which lens is used, was meant for those curious in camera stabilization for smooth footage capture from platforms generating obtrusive vibration such as helicopters, airplanes & vehicles.
  5. Aerial video shoot of Custer State Park area South Dakota. Shot with 5D MkII, gyro stabilized, from R44 helicopter. [url="https://vimeo.com/28594170"]https://vimeo.com/28594170[/url]
  6. Samples of aerial video shot with a gyro stabilized camera rig. Utilizing only 2 Kenyon KS-8 gyros. Camera USA videos: 5D MkII w/24-70 f/2.8L & 24-105 f/4 lenses. Camera Dubai videos: 7D [url="http://www.igomount.com"]www.igomount.com[/url]
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