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V-log unlocked for free!


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I'm very happy with the dynamic range of the VLog profile.  With that being said I couldn't be more disappointed with the noise performance, it's horrible, it's to the point of being highly distracting from the content itself.  Sure, Neat Video will help as does over exposing, but jesus the video in terms of noise just sucks.  With how slow Neat Video is, applying it to nearly every clip is going to be an extremely arduous process, but I don't see how not using a de-noiser is an option at this point.  I just got shipment conformation that the VLog package will be here by Saturday, but now i'm starting to think I paid for something that isn't going to live up to what I thought it would in terms of performance.

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Luma/chroma curves and three way colour wheels correctors for me! Just adjust you contrast to taste, then adjust your colours and saturation to taste using any plugin/node. Go all complicated with masks, keys, feathers, tracking, selective saturation, noise reduction, etc as the scene needs! no ''settings'' one can give really, at least I can't

I think there's an official De-Log Lut for those who don't want to manually do it, does anybody know where we could find it? The official Panasonic one? Should be a cool starting point.

Sounds good I will keep that in mind!

Also, sorry I was a bit unclear, in the project settings under the "Camera Raw" tab, on the top right drop down list there's cinemadng, arri, etc. And "Color Space" and "Gamma" there isn't any option for V-log. 

I'm trying to figure out what project settings to use. Hopefully I'm making sense.











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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

I highly believe the Camera Raw tab is strictly only for raw cameras (ArriRaw, Redcode, Sony Raw, CinemaDNG, PhantomRaw). I don't really touch it unless when I would grade Canon 5D raw images, which CinemaDNG and BMD Film colour space setting worked best with.

I'll leave someone else to weigh in if Resolve ''Camera Raw Tab'' settings should be used with GH4 H.264 files.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

To the people seeing tons of noise: I haven't had a chance to work with V-LOG yet. Are these noise problems at ISO 400? Or are you seeing them at 800/1600?

Knowing the 1DC issue where it gets ugly below 400 ISO in LOG mode, I thought about that too.

But no, cleanest (cleanest, not clean) at 400 getting exponentially worse going up.

800 is unusable really without noise reduction. 

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Yep I've done countless tests with the VLog, and most of the conclusions of Aaron Chicago and others are pretty much spot on.
What I found was if you shoot in very good light, either outside or inside with decent video lights and overexpose with zebras set at 65 and 80 approx, then the noise especially and also the magenta blocking wont be a problem really and it does produce some wonderful images, best I've seen from the GH4 in many cases, but its definitely a double edged sword.
As its been said by others if you shoot where there are a lot of midtones and softer shadows in mid light, you will see the magenta blocking all over the place, grey or light brown walls with shadows on them are an absolute delight (being sarcastic here) magenta blocking on them pretty much everywhere.

Plus some are saying its the varicam LUT that is the problem, this is only partly true at best, you can see this problem in the original VLog file, I have done a ton of A/B's and its there in the original untreated 8 bit file as well, but its less noticeable, now other LUTS may bring it out less, thats probably true, but they wont get rid of it cause its there in the original 8 bit file....end of story, and anyone that does some serious tests will see this immediately.
Now 10 bit with other LUTS may be enough improvement to overcome or mask the problem enough...I dont know.

But to me it appears that LPowells analysis based on Barry Greens statements are spot on, its not what everyone likes to hear, but I feel LPowells conclusions were exactly right,
and it appears that even after 6 months of testing Panansonic have released a very flawed version of VLog, and paying customers (I havent bought mine yet) are entitled to feel very pissed off, they should not have used the varicam mapped version with the 79 IRE high end rolloff, they should have mapped a GH4 version from scratch.
God knows they had enough time to do it (...and Yes I know what software writing involves, I develop 3d worlds and call up scripts from scratch...I know how complex it can get)

But whats even more amazing is not a single Beta tester appears to have mentioned this publicly, its totally unbelievable, some of the people that have tested this Log profile know a lot, have a lot of experience under their belt, and the very fact they did not notice or point this out on forums beggars belief.
As far as filming goes I am a lowly hobbiest...but with a solid background in 3d design and also professional mural art and I saw it almost immediately...if I was a tester I would have been hounding Panasonic, its an 8 bit dogs turd in a lot of situations, fix it or dont release it!!!  whats going on?
Panasonic have really blundered badly on this and its not going to do them any good, face it...its a half developed product that they had tons of time to get right, and either the beta testers did not do their job...or Panasonic totally ignored them.
Some already have the release version and they say its exactly the same and gives the same result, so probably best to not expect any miracles there.
Some have even said the unreleased image app blundered version is not the real version, its an earlier beta, that also beggars belief, the release is just a code, its written in 2.3 and its highly unlikely that they buried earlier beta versions in 2.3 that somehow the image app tapped into.

This is an amazing exercise in how not to do something by Panasonic, its not going to help them in the face off aggressive competition from other manufacturers and to be honest...at the very least it will cast some doubt over the observational powers of many of the beta testers as well.
At the end of the day we have a one part cinematic looking image from VLog that has a lot of potential when shot in the right light, with perfect exposure etc...and the other part dogs turd with magenta vomit everywhere...choose your poison wisely LOL!!!
Talk about truth being stranger than fiction...jeez!!



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