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Canon's GH4 "Competitor"

Simon Shasha

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Well, this happened: http://photorumors.com/2015/03/25/is-this-the-new-4k-canon-video-camera/

Still don't have high-hopes for this, supposed, "GH4 competitor" - unless it's 10-bit, decent ISO performance and DR, and comes with some fast (F1.2) glass (given that it's said to be a 1" sensor with a fixed-lens design).

Hoping Panasonic really does comes through with that rumoured GH4 firmware-update and rain on Canon's parade...

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In terms of ergonomics this has got me interested.  

Rotating grip makes sense:  With a normal still camera grip either your wrist is tilted or your elbow is out to the side when you have the camera to your face.
But if you are holding at arms lengh you need the regular camera grip.

The viewfinder, whether its an evf, or as someone suggested, a loupe, has a lot of clearance which will obviously make it more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

The focal length is very useful:  Wide and long enough for general purpose.   Ok its not overly fast, but at least its 2.8 at widest instead of 3.5 or 4.  This combined with the 1 inch type sensor should mean that it at least has some lower light capability.  And the fact that the lens isn't overly fast means that it will be small and light, which is obviously an ergonomic concern for a run and gun camera.

Obviously whether it will continue to be interesting is pending the price and image quality.

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Well, if Jackie Chan is promoting this and features a red recording button, then you just know this has to be one mean movie camera.

In some way this reminds me of my old Canon PowerShot SX1 IS. Although no bad things about that one though (you know, for 2008 standards). I believe it was the first bridge/superzoom to do 1080p and I got really excited after hacking it with CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit -> Magic Lantern more or less). That led me on the path of upgrading to a GH2 and hack that!

But I'm not really sure where it leaves this 1" f/2.8-f/5.6 fixed zoomlens camera... when we already have the Sony RX100, RX10... although not 4K, as well as the 4K capable LX100 and FZ1000. Big target is the aerial sector ('This definitely looks to be Canon’s foray into the drone market.')? The Inspire 1 has really nice 4K, but yeah, covers a fairly wide angle only. Although, that would just mean you wouldn't have to fly as far away, which in most cases would be an advantage? If you want something better, you could go for the DJI S900 and a broad selection of sweet little lenses availlable for the 4K GH4. Or go for an even more advanced set-up and hire someone to shoot with proper cinema gear from the big guys.

It doesn't look sexy. But then hopefully... form follows function and there are some good reasons to make it look as silly as it does. The grip looks interesting. But yeah, the label '4K' alone doesn't convince me, especially looking at all the other specs and without a built-in EVF it's not really the thing you'd go for if you want something hybrid either. At present I see no reason to go with this and knowing Canon it won't even be that cheap. Especially if it targets a very specific audience and makes this a specialty camera. I mean, I'm willing to consider a lot, but it's 2015 and there's a lot of alternatives...

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I get the feeling Canon said, "Let's come up with as unappealing a lens as we can get away with for this camera which will still allow us to sell plenty of them and won't impact the sales of the far more expensive cinema cameras." Sony managed a constant f2.8 with the RX10- at the very least Canon should have done that.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Canon themselves have a very nice 1" 24-100mm 1.8-2.8. Looks like they're not aiming at film/cinema crowd but at event/doc so a longer range was provided instead of the G7x one. Perhaps the lens is amazing optically, perhaps not. Anyway, I shoot fast lenses, so not for me. Shame 'cos i'm in love with that little design, like taking a 70D/7D, detaching grip/making it rotate, replace stills buttons with simple video ones, put a bigger tiltable screen, and an EVF, peaking/zebras/waveform. Why can't they just do that to the 1Dc... oh well, they had to fix a 1" sensor there for some reason...

It looks expensive by the way, this doesn't look Sub 2K USD at all, 

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It's a shame that lens is so slow. I'd love to be able to be interested, but as a company they've really made it really hard to believe in them. At least this means there will be a 4K C series at some point before I die. Hey, maybe it'll do 50p or 60p. Wow!

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