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New Panasonic Hybrd camera coming at NAB


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18mp on m4/3 translates to almost 70mp on a ff area. And to about 29mp in aps-c.


Nx1 has 28mp on apsc and uses the newest tech in sensors' world. It's noisy to very noisy at 6400. I doubt panasonic can do that much better.

​There were rumors about Panasonic working on a new organic sensor that could represent a breakthrough. I'm with those of you who are extremely skeptical about this rumor, but I won't be entirely shocked if there is some truth to it.

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Well that's a load of rubbish. I wouldn't bet against an actual video camera from Panasonic to take on the FS7, C300 etc. Long overdue. 

​It would be nice if they put out an 8.8 MP 16x9 'M43ish' video camera for under $4000. Would give them a good niche of the market to themselves.

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Could this be the first camera using the organic sensor developed by Panasonic and Fuji?

"Organic sensors have lots of potential. Instead of using comparatively large and potentially noisy photodiodes at each pixel, this type of sensor has an extremely thin light-sensitive organic layer covering its surface.

Fujifilm and Panasonic announced the joint development of organic CMOS sensor technology in 2013. But, as yet, no camera has been released.

So what’s the big deal with organic sensors? According to Fuji and Panasonic, their technology offers the ‘industry’s highest dynamic range of 88dB’, improved sensitivity (think lower noise) compared with regular CMOS sensors and the ability to mount the lens closer to the sensor (so cameras can be further reduced in size).

Consequently, organic sensors have the potential to produce improved performance from smaller sensors. The prospect of a higher resolution APS-C sensor with a market-leading signal-to-noise ratio is a tempting one."


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It looks like we may finally get a AF101 replacement and it should be more than just a GH4 with different body.


"I had a conversation with a Panasonic Rep here in Japan.He told me in the near future there will be an upgrade of the AF 101 camera announced. Newly designed sensor will have an immense dynamic range of up to 15 stops and 4K. Sensor will be a big surprise in unexpected ways. Not sure about the price tag though."

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Why on earth would they put an organic sensor in this, when they have a perfectly good Super 35mm sensor to trickle down from the Varicam S35!?

​The problem is that for Panasonic only PL mount makes sense with S35 sensor and that would not be a camera for lower end pro market then. If the rumors are true, I think they will announce AF100 succesor with maybe a brand new M4/3 sensor(could be 12 MPx insted of 16 in GH4) because they still want to sell lenses. I don't know, maybe Panny has some secret S35 plans with Leica :)

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