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A6700 - FX30 sensor ๐Ÿ‘€


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22 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Redmagic 8S Pro?


22 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Which makes me think it is the sensor that gets too hot in something like the A6700, or that they are using an inefficient old LSI to cut costs... Or it is both.

I think even with much larger sensor, the main hot spot in ILC camera is the processor fabricated with relatively old node.ย 

But even if sensor was a serious heat generator, there is millimeter thin "flexible" vapor chamber available on the market:


Thisย  is how flexible it can be. Meaning it potentially can be used with IBIS, transfering heat from front of the mechanism to its back:


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If only they were required to include that information in their marketing material. Instead we get "Powered-up by its combo of the latest 26.0MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor and the BIONZ XR processor, the camera nevertheless weighs less than its predecessor, resulting in a mobile workhorse capable of an unstrained 11 fps continuous stills capture or stress-free UHD 4K video oversampled from a 6K resolution, making it a formidable multi-tool for the multi-hyphenate creative."

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4 hours ago, newfoundmass said:

Imagine the reaction if Canon was releasing these cameras. You'd have your Canon apologists, of course, but man, Canon would be getting torn to shreds in Facebook groups, forums, and on YouTube (and rightfully so!). Sony though... not much of a peep from the usual crowd.

Yeah, I remember back then Canon get roasted hard, but when Sony does the same its "You" are the one to blame for buying the wrong camera not Sony.

Most of those youtuber really downplayed overheatingย 

I m glade Canon learned their mistakes and moved on (like giving temperature bar to let you know before hand), but Sony just a warning and then shut off, you don't have estimate when the camera will shut down.



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