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Top 5 mirrorless for video IBIS?


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The best “walking” ibis tests using native lenses

1) OM systems (OM1 & em1 series)

2) LUMIX G M43 line (GH6)

3) LUMIX S5ii/X (NEW)

4) LUMIX S1 series

5) Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji are good also but with eis crops, catalyst browse, boost i.s etc



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For video IBIS its hands down.

1 - Panasonic GH6 

2 - Panasonic S1H 

3 - Panasonic S5/S5II (They are identical in performance)

4 - Panasonic GH5II 

5 - Sony A7IV + OIS lens + digital IS 


The reason I exclude Olympus is because they have mediocre video specs, worse than GH4, OM-1 has video quality between GH4 and GH5.

Canon all have pretty meh video IBIS, struggles with panning, wobbles with wide angle.

Fuji is only useful for tripod style video with no panning or movements at all, worse than Sony for video IBIS.

Nikon suffers from similar issues to Canon but have worse wobble with wide lenses.

Panasonic S1 is rated 8 stops compared to 5 stops in S5 but suffers from wide angle wobble whereas S5 has really minimal amount of it which makes the S5 superior overall and in my own experience I saw little difference in video mode.

And as for Sony, really they all are pretty mediocre and have realistically 2 - 3 stops at best, but if you have a lens with OIS and turn on digital IS you actually get really good results, close to a S5 body IBIS. But its very railroaded setup and not versatile whereas S5 is good even with an adapted manual lens and extremely good work a native lens with OIS.







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4 hours ago, SMGJohn said:

Panasonic S5/S5II (They are identical in performance)

Check out Richard Wong's comparison which puts the S5II ahead of the GH6, at least for walking with the camera performance. S5II has dramatically improved IBIS compared to S5, apparently. 

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Richard wong”s S5ii vs GH6 ibis video looks as though there were strengths and weaknesses to both.  GH6 had better pitch, it did better on bumps.  Whereas S5ii had better yaw then the GH6, so a bit smoother.  S5ii ibis seems to be the one to beat for now when it comes to full frame.  I think the next M43 from Pana/OM could be Go pro level though 

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