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FD to EF EOS Adapter

Matthew Marshall

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We all know the cheap ones. Simple mount with a really bad optic.

Is there no way at all to make or create an adapter for less than the canon telephoto original adapter at around $699

I just can't believe this is so.

I mean a simple telephoto adapter with a secondary achromatic element behind it ought to work to clean up and telephoto the image enough for an FD to EF adapter.

Is it just that difficult to get decent glass for a good price?



I am attempting to create and research an FD to EF adapter that does not have horribly unusable chromatic aberration.


Testing including test shots at different apertures and comparison in lightroom. I will be publishing my findings here and possibly flickr.


If you are interested message me, I would love to build a team willing to research and experiment with the project. Otherwise follow along, feel free to try it yourself and post your findings or send them to me directly if you like.


Im not looking to profit here. Feel free to learn from what i'm doing here and do so yourself, id just appreciate credit. While mass manufacture is an option, I currently dont have the infrastructure to support it within my company. Id rather focus more on taking pictures and video than manufacture profit although if the opportunity presents itself I may jump at it.


5d Mark II - Testing camera

Canon 50mm f1.8 FD - Testing lens


  • 3d printer for light manufacturing.
  • preliminary dioptric research done
  • measurements of cheap fd adapter recorded


Update - 09-15


  1. Nominal Success in adapting rear lensing element from Canon 28-80mm f2.8 wide angle telephoto lens
  2. Effective focus distance 2-3 feet depending on fstop (f2.8-f22 examples below)

Spurned by this success I am looking for lenses, broken, as is, no longer working etc.

  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 85mm
  • 135mm

Canon preferably, I mean lets keep it in the family if possible.


*note - results gained so far are with the Canon 28-80mm. Going to start work with fixed lenses and if needed ill use telescopic.

General Progress



  1. Successs! It works, this should be possible for less than the old Canon FD to EF adapter
  2. There should be no reason this cant be done cheaply either for other lenses or simply just the FD lenses without significant chromatic aberration
  3. Initial test pictures and examination in lightroom (I felt that CaptureOne was a bit cheating since their sharpening algorithms are so good)

To Do


--Find a rear lensing optic that fits

    Acquire Lenses

  • - Minimal Chromatic Aberration
  • - Minimal vignetting

--Test for minimal chromatic aberration and quality

  • Acquire test target

--Test lenses (acquire)

  • Fixed FD lenses
  • Telephoto FD Lenses
  • Wide Angle FD lenses (under 35mm)


Comparison Pictures

  • Shot with Canon 5d Mark II
  • FD to EF Adapter - Cheap
  • 28-80mm Canon f2.8 rear lensing element
  • dioptric/telescopic value unknown, working on researching how to figure this out

A usable F2.8







F22 - Example for detail comparison around edges

Ill try to keep this updated as I go if theres enough interest, otherwise I may shift focus to a different forum.

Also Graded f2.8 image -

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Sorry I haven't stayed in touch with this. (A request that EOSHD is integrated into tapatalk? XD)

In any case I have a full writeup here of something that does in fact work and the first results look most promising. I posted it on Facebook originally however here it is.

Ill stick this in there right away, WTB, old lenses, broken or parts, good glass. 

Ill post a summary in the top post

Private Message me please with any offers.
This is possible and for not all that much if you are a bit of do it yourselfer. - Pictures attached (taken with Canon FD F1.8)
- JPGS are Flat color profile Cinema Technicolor and settings are in links attached at bottom to the actual files.
  • 1st picture full open f22
  • 2nd picture f8
  • 3rd a usable f2.8
  • 4th f2.8
-(Im going to be looking into purchase methods as well)
Shot on Canon 5d Mark II (Metadata attached to files in links)
2. Quick update for anyone new but now interested. The original post regarded my disbelief that you cannot cheaply acquire a canon FD to EF adapter with infinity focus.

I experimented a bit with using an old 28-80mm Canon EF (it was cheap and already broken) Took it apart, the back lensing element was cut out of the plastic and dremeled down to fit (Did a little too much its a bit loose couldn't get it to the exact size. It is held in with tape for now, I have access to a 3d printer so this shouldnt be an issue) and placed it in a cheap FD to EF adapter right where the lens element goes.
I would say resounding success so far - Achieved a focus distance at f22 of at least 3, 3.5ft shorter the smaller aperture, however you can judge for yourself.

See main post for images.
Therefore.... I am looking to buy anyones old broken but good glass lenses to try different size back lensing elements and see which works the best.
List (I will update as I accept offers)
- 35mm
- 50mm
- 85mm (or something like that)
- 135mm (seems to be the most common old lens style
Measurements for lens plane element.
- 20-26mm
The inner front diameter of the cheap element I have is approximately 26mm. That should work in this instance with enough space for shims or 3d printed holder.

In addition: Canon glass preferably. Hey lets keep it in the family if we can.
I would like to get more scientific with this. If anyones knows where I can get a cheap test target (send me a link) or if anyone would be willing to donate for the case
Thank you everyone and anyone considering helping out.
Link to drive folder. (Anyone searching in the future message me and ill update it if I can to a permanent one.)
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Hm checked out a 50mm lens element. A Minolta. The thing is thick. Quite a bit thick.

Not going to work its highly telescopic. I think the 28-80 wasn't nearly as telescopic because most of the telephoto elements were in the center part.

Side note, may enable infinity focus on a Minolta adapter with the current FD element. Need to get myself an adapter.

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