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B&H to sponsor EOSHD reviews and gear store - also C300, 1D C drop $2000, replacements coming?

Andrew Reid

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Canon C300

View the price drop on the C300 at B&H here
View the price drop on the 1D C at B&H here

C300 and 1D C drop $2000

This is an interesting move by Canon. The 1D C I expected really to drop further in price because of intense competition from Panasonic and Sony at much lower prices. The C300 however has been selling very well but now apparently Canon want to shift stock faster. Is this to make way for a replacement? Based on specs alone it is certainly due one. Based on the real world and how this camera has been accepted by videographers and filmmakers, people seem pretty happy with what they have!

Read the full article here
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Hey Andrew,


I've been following your work since the 'controversial days' over at DVXuser some 5+yrs ago ;) . I've become a fan of your work and value your reviews right along side Mr. Bloom. Congrats on the B&H sponsorship- and keep up the good work- its very much appreciated.




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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Canon has dropped 10.000$ on the C500 too (!), when bundled with an external recorder (like 7Q) and one of Canon's Cinema zooms,

10 thousand US dollars!

If you sell the bundle (lens and 7Q) on ebay, the C500 is basically less expensive than the C300.

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Probably one of the worst times to buy a camera now... At least in $8-10k price range. Unfortunately I have to buy one and as much as I like C100's form factor I've decided to go for FS700. I hope it's going to keep it's value better.

Looking forward to see what the upcoming JVC GY-LSX2 will be like.

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