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  1. I recall not too long ago a mention of the 1DC being discounted $2K, similar to the C300's drop. Doesn't look to be the case now -- curious if anyone has heard anything about an impending rebate or discount. Obviously I imagine this would be purely speculative, but just want to make sure I haven't missed a reputable rumor somewhere. I know the only camera anyone caress about anymore is the A7s, but would be interested to hear thoughts on timing a 1DC purchase, if let's just say hypothetically, that was being considered.
  2. The more I read about the F55, the more it seems like the perfect camera on paper: 4K internal, global shutter, smallish footprint, 240fps, RAW capable. Obviously it's priced to match, but it certainly seems to check all the boxes. I don't find many videos online shot with it, maybe because of the price, but I feel like I must be missing something. Is the F55 as good as it seems?
  3. Yeah just to confirm, did the 1DC actually get a price drop today? This week, and today I'm still seeing it at $12K. B&H still has it at $12K anyway -- wanted to confirm if maybe it's still pending or something.
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