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  1. Pro camera with A7S sensor and good (better) ergonomics at this price is going to be truly groundbreaking. It can storm the market.
  2. I've decided to go for FS700 but now, after reading your post I realised how many great things A7S has in such a small package. What would be advantages to go for FS700 now? (besides obvious super slow motion). Andrew, can I ask you, what would you chose at this particular moment in time? (I've got FS700 budget, maybe a bit more). Many thanks!
  3. Probably one of the worst times to buy a camera now... At least in $8-10k price range. Unfortunately I have to buy one and as much as I like C100's form factor I've decided to go for FS700. I hope it's going to keep it's value better. Looking forward to see what the upcoming JVC GY-LSX2 will be like.
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