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Panasonic GH4 user films, tests, reviews and opinions

Andrew Reid

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​Switch to photo mode and see how many photos left. You can estimate the empty space from that. Example: full card 3000 RAW photos, 1000 RAW photos left=1/3 card left.

​Thanks, yeah I just just figured that out myself :)

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I shooted some video clips in light festival at Helsinki, Finland. There was fire circus in the dark cold night (-12 deg celcius). GH4 has good dynamic range and I was able to get some details in difficult bright fire flames in the show. With my previous cameras the flames was usually just bright white but GH4 can capture lights better. GH4 has so many useful settings to adjust image.

I used 14-140mm II and other settings was 4k 30P f3.5, ss 1/30s and iso500-iso1000. Natural profile, contrast -5, sharpness -2, NR -5, color 0. Shadow/Highlight +2/0. iDynamic Low and master pedestrial +5. I cant share clips but here is some frames down sampled from 4k to fullhd.

There is some noise in these frames but when the video is playing the result is quite clean. With GH4 I can shoot with a kit lens at f3.5 in dark places, that is big improvement from GH3

http://***URL removed***/forums/post/55048456


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Found these settings on DVX user...amazing skin tones and retained detail in shadows...http://www.supertone.dk/#!GH4-Optimal-Film-Setting-works-in-stills-too/c24o4/8E18836A-F271-4A14-AF0D-C575B9D5F4B6

​I tried that out yesterday morning and again just now. The main thing it achieves for me is to reduce the splotchiness of the skin tones because the main issue I had with the colour is that some areas of the skin would be red and then others would be orange or some other off-colour. These settings even it out as compared to a flat or standard profile.

A tip for people with older models than the GH4;  you can use Colorista II to adjust the hue to -2 in order to imitate that hue setting on the GH4. Also on the GX7 you can adjust the whitebalance so the dot is 5 points below the centre, which will put more red into your skin tones.

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