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Rail mount - Ideas for securing Iscorama?


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I just secured an Iscorama 36 and I want to be able to mount it to rails so I can swap cameras and lenses easily, as well as use a follow focus.  I have a vid-atlantic adapter to mount on the back that makes it a 52mm rear thread.  But I don't want to screw it onto taking lenses.  I'd rather just mount it on rails, makes everything easier.  I was thinking of using lens collars like I do with 2x adapters, but the 52mm barrel size is quite small and I'd have to make a spacer of some kind.  Any ideas are very welcome thank you!

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I'm in a similar boat with you. I'm slowly building up my rig for more efficient anamorphic shooting and lens swapping.

I really dig jaquets rig. I ordered the vocas pl mount from b&h, but it's taking a lot longer than expected to get to me.
As for the rest of the rig, zacuto is having a huge sale on their floor model stuff. Some pretty sweet deals going on there.

I picked up the swing away matte box rails and rail risers. Links bellow. Essentially, it's jaquets quick rig but at a fraction of the cost. Once I get the vocas pl mount in I'll mount that to the swing away rails then the rest to the risers for final adjustments so nothing but the taking lens will be mounted to the camera body. As soon as this vocas part cones in I'll post some pictures.


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Instead of using the vocas pl mount, I wonder if there's a canon lens support, like the ones on the 70-200 that would fit on an isco?

F4 or F2.8?

IMO, ISCO HD attachment should work on both, but need 100mm or above.  ISCO integrated is ok for F4 lens, merely to 85mm.  But better to use 16H instead, will almost cover to 70mm.

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I just padded the adapter and put it in a lens collar like you describe for Canon 70-200mm F4.  It has a hinge in the middle so it's easy to get in and out.  It's not perfect but it works OK.  I can mount the lens collar to rails like I did with my Sankor.  I can't justify paying so much money for Zacuto products no matter how well built they are.  And the Vocas mount would only be if I get PL mount lenses.  I don't think it works for the Iscorama without the Van Diemen upgrade.


I haven't had a problem with my Iscorama, it came with a Nikon mount 50mm taking lens.  But I think it has to be 58mm or larger for other lenses.  No problems with the Helios, and 85mm lenses are good.  This is all Full Frame BTW.

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