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Surprising head to head test. Gx7 5D markII


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auto white balance is useless you are letting the camera control one of the most important parts of filming


.....the color temperature you are filmimg at -


this dictates so much of the look of the clip you are filmimg - is it cool blue cold or warm rich orange or any combination in between

all this can be set manually


I personlly set the Kelvin to fit the shot by dialing it in manually until I like the look of the scene , dont use presets as even these can look odd under certain lighting conditions


I shoot interiors with practicals at 4000k rather than 3200k (tungsten) as this gives a warmer look to skin tones.


I shoot outside in City streets at night 2500k as this gives a cool blue /green look that reminds me of Bourne films etc


If you have a Panasonic camera gh2 gh3 g6 gf3 gx7 etc you can dial in the Kelvin manually - between 2500k and 10,000k

this function is invaluable

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People should learn to deal with criticism.  Just because I disagree and have remarks about your methodology when testing, doesn't make me a troll.  If you post something on a public forum, learn to live with people making remarks.


Even with the new upload your way of testing makes no sense.


You should match exposure, not the ISO value a certain camera manufacturer assigned to a certain exposure. As we all know, 1600 ISO means something else for Canon than for Pana since they use different sensors.


Right now, the GX7 footage is borderline overexposed.  The 5D almost underexposed.

Any conclusions you're trying to draw from these shots is invalid.


I have no problems with people doing their own kind of testing, but if you're going to share your "test" with people and expect serious feedback, then maybe post something serious to begin with.


If you wanted to test noise levels at a certain ISO, you could have shot footage of both cameras with both lens caps on. That will give you the most accurate idea of noise levels and native ISO.

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I appreciate you criticism as exposed in the last post. In the first one was just offensive. By the way my test reflects my needs that can be different from yours. I don't care matching exposures, i just need to know which camera will give me the more usable image in low light.

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