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Trouble with ML & EOSHD Raw Guide


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Hey gang, noob here.


I am trying to install ML on my 5D Mark III using the RAW Shooting Guide from EOSHD. I'm following the instructions, but when I get to step 2 of the ML install (installing the nightly build), I get the message that the update file cannot be found. I've tried different cards, and same thing.


If there is another thread on this, I apologize. Just point the way. Otherwise, anyone have any advice?

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What I mean is, you need to make sure that you download the correct version of ML that works on your version firmware. There is firmware version 113 & 123. Look in the menu on your 5D MKIII to find out what version firmware you have running on it, then download the correct version of ML. Extract the files to your SD card and that is it, you don't need any other files.

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Ah yes, I did that. I loaded firmware version 113 and had the correct version of ML at least in step one. It loaded fine for step one - it was step two with the nightly build that wouldn't work. 


It says to copy these files to the SD card:


- autoexec.bin (the auto-boot file and compiled source code)
- 5D3-113-bootflag.fir (enables Magic Lantern when the camera turns on)

- ML (this should overwrite the folder already present) 


However, if you downloaded the latest build, it does not contain the bootflag firmware file. If you go to the link provided in the guide, it dows have the firmware file, but it can't find the update file.



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