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  1. I tested the ProRes with those cards and it works fine - I'll have to check out the other SSD's for RAW. Posted about another issue with my Mark III and KomputerBay in the general forum if you know anything about that as well.
  2. I just got the 1050x 128gb card from KomputerBay and I have been running some tests - I'm only getting about 50-60mb/s write speed, far below what it says. I turned off the auto power off, formatted it to exFat and also formatted it in camera, and still the video stops after one second. Is this simply a faulty card I should send back, or did I miss something?
  3. I did my first real shoot with my BMCC 2.5k in studio last week using a Vertex 4 SSD and a Samsung 840 SSD. Perfect conditions - and yet they dropped frames like crazy. The Vertex far more than the Samsung, but both still did. Is this a write speed issue?
  4. I have the 2011 Mac Pro 6-Core with 14GB of RAM and just installed two Samsung 1TB Raid-0 SSD's and it rolls like a champ. It's definitely worth the investment in computing power. If for no other reason than your sanity. :) You'll definitely need the Raid-0 SSD's as a starting point. You can get 1TB's for around $500. My write speed is more than sufficient for 2.5-4k editing. I run FCPX, Resolve, AE, and many other programs without a hitch. Just as a note - if you go with the 2011 Mac Pro and Apple Display, make sure to get the Cinema Display, and not the Thunderbolt display! It doesn't work. If you get the new Mac Pro, it's not an issue.
  5. Ah yes, I did that. I loaded firmware version 113 and had the correct version of ML at least in step one. It loaded fine for step one - it was step two with the nightly build that wouldn't work. It says to copy these files to the SD card: - autoexec.bin (the auto-boot file and compiled source code) - 5D3-113-bootflag.fir (enables Magic Lantern when the camera turns on) - ML (this should overwrite the folder already present) However, if you downloaded the latest build, it does not contain the bootflag firmware file. If you go to the link provided in the guide, it dows have the firmware file, but it can't find the update file.
  6. I did. It doesn't have a firmware file though - which the EOSHD guide specifies you need.
  7. Hey gang, noob here. I am trying to install ML on my 5D Mark III using the RAW Shooting Guide from EOSHD. I'm following the instructions, but when I get to step 2 of the ML install (installing the nightly build), I get the message that the update file cannot be found. I've tried different cards, and same thing. If there is another thread on this, I apologize. Just point the way. Otherwise, anyone have any advice?
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