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  1. That is my concern too. I'd love the try the Rangefinder on my Samyang primes, but I shoot with a mattebox when the internal ND's on my FS7 are not strong enough. The Rangefinder's focus gear will be unusable with a mattebox, however I think if you screw on an 82mm plastic lens hood to the Rangefinder like the one below, it'll give you plenty clearance to use a follow focus and mattebox. The only issue will be using wide lenses as you willl probably get vignetting. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Phot-R-82mm-PRO-Screw-On-Mount-Tele-Telephoto-Metal-Lens-Hood-Canon-Nikon-Sony-/271812381956?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3f4947cd04
  2. Brillliant work! I for one have always agreed, no matter what you do to the GH4 in camera settings and in post, something was always wrong with the colour chemistry making it always look like 'video'. It might look that you've cracked it, although I'm seeing a bit more noise in the shadows with your LUT. I'll give these a go soon. Thanks for your hard work! Adrian
  3. I'd love the Sigma and Speedbooster, but I'm in the UK and don't want to get shafted with taxes :(
  4. I have a GH4 and love it, i'd love a 2nd camera and was looking at a BMPCC a few months back. No I know the cameras good points, but is there any reason why I should not buy it now?
  5. You sound so excited about this camera Andrew :lol:
  6. Musty

    GH4 to get Log

    Log + Shogun + EF Speedbooster = Canon DSLR death!
  7. I think you hit the nail on the head... EF- GH4 specific adapter with active IS is what I'm betting on.
  8. Read between the lines guys... the photo which Andrew posted says it all... Canon 5D MKIII on the left with the Tamron which andrew said he used on the GH4. EF > M43 mount speedbooster is round the corner, infact you can just about make it out on the GH4.
  9. Hi John, I live in London and have a GH4. I'll be away on the 12th, otherwise I'd be happy to help next time. Adrian
  10. Yep, there is also one at the start too :)
  11. Hey everyone, I got my GH4 the first week of May here in the UK and so far I've been blown away by the image. I came from a 5D MKIII and I can't say that I feel like I'm missing much at the moment. Although I did shoot ML RAW on the 5D, I can't say I miss the workflow and the occasional camera crash... its so good to be shooting 4K without worrying that its going to crap out during a take. I think I will add a Speedbooster and Sigma 18-35mm next! Anyway, here is my first few days out with the GH4 around some famous London landmarks. Hope you are enjoying your GH4's!
  12. They've landed in the UK! Mine is shipping tomorrow for delivery on Friday :)
  13. Anyone in the UK had any news from your suppliers?
  14. Fugly... I need to rest my eyes after watching that!
  15. I would attribute that to DR. Only the BMCC and BMPCC would perform better here. We still need to wait and understand what the GH4 is capable of. As I said, the footage above is ungraded.
  16. Awesome stuff Andrew, looking forward to day 2 and the footage tomorrow. I'm really liking the excitement you have for this camera.
  17. Get one! :) The guy that shot the footage said it was ungraded so with some half decent grading or running it through FilmConvert, you can pull out a less video looking image. That is just for starters! You can also tweek the shadow and highlight curves in camera. I do shoot ML RAW, but as I said in another post, the image is truly amazing but it is still only a hack and you can't rely on it when doing any paid jobs. Plus it eats up so much card space and the post-production process is still a pretty long effort. If I could afford to keep both the 5D MKIII and a GH4 I would, but its not an option. I'm quite happy to sacrifice that lovely RAW image for something that still looks pretty amazing and is 100% stable and easier to work with in post.
  18. I don't think the person who shot this meant to make anything entertaining. Its just a bunch of test footage he shot in order to show what the camera is capable of. I didn't detect any rolling shutter on those fast passing trees during the taxi ride footage... nice! My Canon 5DMKIII is now on ebay...
  19. Some of the best looking GH4 footage I've seen yet... Seems to be fairly clean in low light with a 'filmic' grain to the footage in parts. Its worth downloading the 4K file too.
  20. Horrific! Simply unusable for anything with too much motion.
  21. The 1050x 128gb ones are fine, its the 1000x 128gb ones that are slow. I have a 1050x 128gb and I can record 1080p 25 continuously until the card is full on my 5D MKIII. Either the card is faulty or you have something set incorrectly. Check you have set prefered card to CF. Its also worth deleting the BENCH.LOG file on the SD card and running the benchmarks again including the buffer test.
  22. Totally agree Cassius. The C100 only records 24Mbps AVCHD internally too! Such a crappy codec for 5K... what a joke.
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