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  1. Not true. You can shot slowmo in raw with the Markiii, not with Markii. Here's a video i made with my 5Diii
  2. I try to check EOSHD on a daily basis. But this "let's attack Canon thing" doesn't make sense anymore. Sure, they started the DSLR revolution (by mistake), but if they don't offer us what we want anymore let's look at somewhere else. We have many options in the market now.
  3. ​Thanks Sebv. It was roughly 2 weeks for preproduction, two days for shooting and 1.5 months for the postproduction, which was really time consuming considering all the vfx it has.
  4. Hi everyone, I want to share my latest video with you: Due to budget constraints I had to do everything myself: writting, shooting, editing, color grading, vfx, and the music itself as well! Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. ​I agree here. 5Diii with ML RAW is the best choice if you want nice DR and color, and don't need 4k. There are some projects in which file sizes aren't such a problem and you can handle them.
  6. ML for 1.2.3 firmware was released yesterday and seems to be working properly! :) http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=11017.75
  7. If you are doing 1080 stuff only, which camera would be a better option, the new GH4 or the ML RAW 5Diii? What do you guys think?
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