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Selling my last anamorphics.

Tito Ferradans

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Hey guys!


So, I'm selling my last remaining anamorphics, and just keeping the two I like the most. The ones that are going away are pretty good, and rare too, one could say. They're all in great shape, no dents, dust, scratches or fungus.





UPDATED 05/16/2014

Thanks everyone, all lenses have been sold and I've only kept the Iscorama. Should look for a 2x stretch dual focus setup after a while, but right now I'm just glad people were so honest with buying the lenses I had. :)

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Just found something that might interest folks around here, the original 50mm lens that came with my Iscorama. Since it went for rehousing, the original lens isn't gonna be useful to me anymore. It's an infinity-focused f/2.8mm, m42 mount. Aperture ring is a bit stiff when opening from f/4 to f/2.8, and has a few slight marks in the glass. Has front and rear caps. The rehousing will also make useless my blue redstan clamp for the Isco, which is included here. Also, there's a 100mm projector lens that was used to project the images taken with the isco. If someone out there owns a pre-36 isco and would like to complete the kit, I'm letting these three are SOLD!



On top of that, I'm sadly letting go my FlareFactory58 EF mount, which has an 2x oval aperture set at f/4, but with unlocked blades (so you can stop it down to f/16, just that would be circular bokeh. Specific details are: blue flares, medium contrast, high glow and low cleaning marks. Due to a bug related to the 5D3, I had to scrap off the electronic chip in the lens. Includes front and rear caps and a custom black lens pouch. Goes for $$$$ (including shipping) - SOLD!


And, at LAST, I got a Tiffen 4x4 streak filter. Neutral color (flares assume the light source color), 2mm separation between lines. No scratches, no damage, goes in its original pouch. Great for faking an anamorphic look, without too much money. SOLD!


(the black mark in the picture is some dirt in the white background not in the glass)

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hehe.  I was just going to chip in and vouch for Tito - not that he really needs it here.  I have experience with the Century lens he is selling and have to say it is an incredible lens.  About 5x better than the normal ones.  3 optic design.  produces real ovals (if 1.33x, but more pronounced than the modern 'copies').


on a side note, @ Julian, if you purchase tito's lens, it's indeed a wild number!  One of the earlier ones.  When you get it feel free to send it over for a update to current standards - Tito never took me up on the offer, but you being in the Eu, shipping means it's not as much of a heart ache.  infact, it tito wants to send it over to me en route I'll give it a going over and stick a nice shiny brass badge on there too:)

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I took some samples with the LOMO for a potential buyer, and I'm also sharing them here. The results are pretty obvious: anamorphic back needs adjustments. I have strong reasons to believe that the problem is just a small misalignment between both anamorphic elements in the back, or the distance between them. Both things can be easily fixed since the adapter has screws for these adjustments, but require special equipment (such as a collimator) to ensure the whole thing is gonna be accurate.

The filenames are pretty obvious, with almost all important information. First is the focal length, then aperture, focus distance and if anamorphic or not.


Camera used was a 50D, at ISO160. Shutter was 1/20 for f/3.3, 1/4 for f/8 and 2s for f/22 on the pictures inside the room. For the infinity ones, 1/1600 for f/3.3, 1/250 for f/8 and 1/30 for f/22.

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      Legendary LOMO OKS Russian cine lens (model OKC11-35-1), F=35 mm, f=1:2, OCT-19 mount for professional 35 mm movie cameras Konvas, Kinor, EX++ condition! 
      Lens made in LOMO, USSR in 1982. 
      S\N: 820379.
      F= 35mm, T2.2
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      I have some Lomos for sale, first up is this 100mm.
      Insanely smooth bokeh and smooth highlight and shadows rolloff
      - OKC1-100-1 / 100mm F2 (T2.3)
      - Full Frame+ coverage!
      - 16 iris blades, perfectly round and dry!!!
      - Already converted to Stainless Steel PL Mount
      - 0.8 mod gear on focus ring
      - Added removable 80mm OD front
      - Brass version!
      - Build in 1975
      - In good conditions and ready to shoot!
      Asking €1500 FIRM
      I can ship WW with UPS.
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      The camera is in excellent condition without any marks. It comes in its original box with all original accessories including battery, charger, sync cable, strap, manual, etc. The 8Sinn cage is wonderful- it fits the camera like a glove and gives it plenty of mounting points for accessories. Price includes insured shipping to anywhere in continental U.S. via USPS Priority Mail. 

      Payment using Paypal or Cash App.
      Located in Ithaca, NY.

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