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  1. Yeah, wow, that was bad. The new Pro version could potentially be a big deal, if it's any good. (Love the smaller form factor.) No real hope that it will be tested or rolled out in away that makes getting information easy, however :/...
  2. I'm hoping the all-of-a-sudden sell of of SLR Magics is just because the time for early testers to sell is now allowed or something?
  3. @Sean Cunningham, someone on the BMC forum had walked in and bought one, which is how I knew about it, and mine has apparently been delivered to Florida already, so here's to hoping it's the right thing hahaha...
  4. Just ordered one. One day shipping, should be in Florida tomorrow and Panama I'd say Monday or Tuesday. They are weirdly in stock at Adorama, with SLR Magic still taking paypal preorders for end of April. Not sure what is up with that, hope I'm getting the right thing, haha. Look forward to extensive testing in the run-up to the feature.
  5. Here's another one. Seems to be dealing well with 4k sharpness (not sure what camera it was but it appears to have been 4k.) Not sure about the rest...close-ups, edges, etc.
  6. Er...Tony...I'll be making a movie on this China Anamorphot or one just like it...15 minutes of messing around run and gun is EXACTLY what we needed to see from day one with this thing, and we need to see more of it from other adapters.
  7. Just when I think I've looked everywhere, I find another source and another video...one of the better looking things I've seen with the Letus, but weirdly, suffering from artefacts I'd expect to see on my LA7200. No silver bullet that says, 'buy it', yet. Still torn between diopters for the LA7200 (almost there Tito, sorry), and an SLR Magic...or both.
  8. Ah ok congratulations good to know it's viable in the resale market!
  9. Any chance you could give this thing a whirl on a 12-35 and/or 35-100 Panasonic? Even a "works" or "looks good" from you would set my mind at ease.
  10. Yeah, @procter not sure it's about seeing a blade-runner II so much as seeing something like what Sean just posted for the SLR Magic...5-10 minutes of footage in differing situations focusing on the fly, moving around, etc. Letus has been quiet about answering questions and most clips are short. If you want to sell it, maybe you should shoot some more hahah :)
  11. Wow Sean, thank you. Someone needs to do this for the Letus, too haha. Answers a few questions and just seeing that much natural footage puts my mind at ease. I'd ruled out the SLRMagic for a number of reasons, now I'm trying to figure out how I can buy one immediately and not preorder from England!!! You also do a great job of explaining in one place the benefits of 1.33x adapters, some of which, (vertical field of view and what-not) I had previously filed under 'it just looks different', now I know why :)...
  12. Hi guys... I'm finishing a feature soon that has been shot mostly anamorphic on the LA7200. Lot of documentary and exterior type scenes but now I'm getting into fiction and dialogue and need to really kit the adapter out. I was positive when Letus announced their adapter that it would be the route I would go but I just can't find enough footage to convince me about it...something seems off, Letus won't answer my questions, whole thing is weird. As such I'd like to get the LA7200 at the peak of where it can be. As messed up as it is, it seems to have something special. Remains to be seen if it will hold up in front of a GH4 but I have to try. I cannot find anything on ebay. I can pay via credit card or paypal and shipping is to Florida. I'd be looking for a Kenko +.3 105mm or similar, any of the larger .25 or even .5 options, and/or whatever else you guys suggest but I tend to go wide so smaller stuff won't work.
  13. By tracking behind the scenes fotos on Letus' twitter I was able to find this...90% sure it's done on the Letus Anamorphic and Red Epic (they post behind the scenes photos of the setup and name the music video) My overall feelings remain...mixed.
  14. So I guess it should be OK in it's fashion for 4k!
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