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How will the camera industry react to the Panasonic GH4?


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By doing the same thing, but different.


And then we all get to read various internet postings from fan boys.  They'll assert that because they made a decision to spend their money on Canon, it's so much better than Sony.  And Panasonic?  Forget about it, just because they were first, doesn't mean they're the best and so on and so on.


It's just that this time the phrase 4K will be used a whole lot more.


It's silly, but that's all part of what helps sells these things.

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I think the GH4 is just the start of a big wave of lovely 4K shooting DSLRs and cinema cameras to come before NAB in April, so great for us, who have finite budgets :)


This spec and price is going to be hard to beat.


As for the industry, well, people are not going to swap out their F55 for one. But there's going to be very good commercial reasons to shoot 4K soon and it's VERY important Canon bring out better 4K solutions. The C500 isn't aimed at C300 users and the C300 doesn't shoot 4K. The 1D C is aimed at Hollywood and has no videographer features at all.


If Canon don't have a 4K version of the C300 at NAB, I think the GH4 could gain a lot of ground in that market, even though it's marketed as a consumer camera.

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How will the camera industry (nikon, canon (ml), bm..red..sony) react to  Panasonic's new GH4?


The same way it always does. Like it did a few years back when HD was the latest buzzword. After two or so years the same cycle will spin again, only with a new buzzword.


In 2016 CES, NAB, CP+ and Photokina it'll be all about 8K, but the rest of the script will be pretty much the same. The first actor to enter the stage and other such minor details may change each time, obviously, but the plot remains the same. Meanwhile, between each round, we the suckers buying audience will pay up. That's how the cookie crumbles.

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