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No flip out screen? A solution for vlogging with those cameras that fold up but not out


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Got GAS Creep, used to be considering the G7 as the upgrade from my G6 for my youtube vlog, but for the last year or so I've been keeping my eye on the G85 prices on eBay as that IBIS and live HDMI out would sure be handy! (even bid today on a G85 yet again, only to get outbid 😕 ah well, keep on trying! Will get lucky eventually)

However, as time keeps on going by, the G9 is now very attractive. (better AF! No crop in 4K! 180fps slow motion!) Especially now with that 10bit upgrade. 

But with the Z5 launch (and soon to come Z6S??) the secondhand Z6 prices will I bet soon hit $1.2K on eBay? That's not much more than a G9...

Would be awesome to vlog together with this lens:


Or if I wish to get wiiiiiiiiiiiider:


But the Z6 has the big downside of no way to even judge general rough framing of yourself while in selfie mode. 


ah ha! Solution is found:



Is a nifty mirror that slots into your hot shoe so you can see your camera's screen, and is dirt cheap too. 

Smaller than an external monitor. Cheaper too. And lighter. No batteries to worry about. No cables to worry about either. 


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Those mirror attachments are a pretty ingenious device to get a selfie screen when you need it.

The alternative is to just go wide (anything under 20mm should be great) and just stare down the barrel.  I tried selfie shots (not vlogging I promise!!) with an action camera and the width really made it great - not only because you don't have to get framing completely right, but also you don't have to hold the camera as far away as possible like it smells really bad or something - a 15mm equivalent FOV can be held at about reading distance and you still get a nice frame that doesn't feel too cramped or too intimate.

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@Emanuel Heated discussuions about great BTS and lens tips. Thats what we want. How about Lmount, lacking in a adapter for Konica mounted lenses. I have a huge Konica zoom coming, big and bad as Davids beard and will have to mount it to my FS700. Back to topic, sorry for chatting, me bad lad. Umm, yeah that mirror is indeed spiffy. How about a FF 35mm equivalent, 24 in S35, 25 on mft, set to f11. DOV calculator could be showing solution for all VLogger problems. Btw, thanks, Emanuel, your are very kind.

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4 hours ago, IronFilm said:

I think the hot shoe mounted Mirror is much more compact, less likely to be a hassle in terms of getting in the way. 

When you get one I want to see a BTS on your BTS video so I can see the mirror in action.

Of course, if your BTS BTS is also shot on Sony with a mirror, I'll need a BTS of that too.

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2 hours ago, newfoundmass said:

I'm so glad he's back making content regularly. A real unsung hero of the diy filmmaking game, and he did it all before people could make money doing it on YouTube. 

Yes.  It's great that he is back!

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