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SIGMA FP with ProRes RAW and BRAW !

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Viewing distance acts as an anti-aliasing filter

You should try some 1080/100fps clips on a cinema projector and sit back

It actually doesn't look too bad.

The pixel binning sensor readout always improved on the big screen compared to a computer screen.

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So to follow up on that whooping 35 minute short film from Sigma, I just found that they'd released a Behind-the-Scenes video highlighting the crew's experience using the FP for the project and what t

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51 minutes ago, Chris Whitten said:

For me the 10bit CDNG is not obviously sharpened or extremely prone to moire and artefacts. Shooting at 25fps only.

Check Shirt_1.1.1.jpg


Nice shots, especially in terms of the tonality and colour. Would love to see more.

It's true there is hardly anything to worry about in those frames - no aliasing, they look close to 6K RAW stills

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I used the Blackmagic Design setting in both colour space and gamma. I find the FP CDNG footage very easy to basic grade (exposure, saturation etc).

Then as I am usually looking for a stylised final look, I dropped someone's Kodakrome LUT on a final node - which gives it the darker contrast with richer colours.

I'm often doing it quick and dirty for films on Instagram to support my music.

The shirt has a weave pattern (as well as the check)  I know I would have had moire problems with using my original BMD Pocket five or six years ago.

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12 minutes ago, Lars Steenhoff said:

If you have a smallHD monitor it has a build in LUT for black magic 4k film,  When you enable this LUT in combination with the "Sigma Color mode off" I get a great preview for monitoring

It may work well on a black-magic or ninja too.

Which implies BMD Film LUTs may work in post for the Flat profile?


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I think, based on information on the gamma of a sensor and tests of the color gamut of the Sigma fp, which showed it was close to REC2020, that the best base for grading 12bit CNG RAW is using Resolve Color Management, starting with a linear gamma and REC2020 gamut transformed to REC709. Here is a video I shot of flora, of different colors. Sure videos of flora are boring, but you see colors you know from real life, and the video is less boring than that of a color chart. And, of course, videos with added distorting "cinematic" LUTS (Kodacolor!), just obscure, so this does nothing but increase color saturation.  It pretends not to be cinematic, but there is a chicken in the video. I think the colors are fine.



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