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Panasonic s1h terrified presentation

Matt Holder

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I blame the director...  looks like they took people who were nervous and behind the camera by choice, and then filled their heads with all the "talk slowly but not too slowly" "stand up straight" "be funny but not too funny" "remember to do these 17 things..........." pieces of helpful advice their heads could hold, then probably finished it up by adding ".......and just relax and enjoy it!"

*talent has spontaneous internal freak-outs*

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2 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

I met Steven at Photokina last year with @Andrew Reid and my 2 cents based on even that brief amount of time would be that they should have just let him speak as he's far more engaging than this video represents.


Yep he's a top bloke and knows his stuff.

I am a bit jealous of that Cooke anamorphic in the video. Perhaps the stilted performance is down to internally thinking HOW we can make off with this lens afterwards. That's what I would be thinking.

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