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How many sales are Canon losing from enthusiasts due to video shenanigans?

Andrew Reid

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8 hours ago, mercer said:

It’s just a camera... no war necessary. 

I went down the 4K path with Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and Canon and didn’t like my images until I started shooting 1080p Raw on the Micro. And then I preferred the ML Raw from the 50D I bought for the hell of it.

I was all set to preorder a GH5 until I stumbled upon some 5D3 ML Raw videos and I never looked back.

I thought the P4K would be my upgrade but I haven’t seen enough, knowing my skill set, to convince me.

I recently ended up buying another Micro for pretty cheap but I find myself reaching for my 5D3 every time I do a test, or plan to shoot something, so I may sell it to fund a short film.

As I said earlier in the thread... when one of the major manufacturers offer internal FF 4K Raw, for $2500 or less, I’ll upgrade. Until then, I’ll stick with my 5D3. If I can’t make a decent film on 14bit FF 1080p Raw... no amount of resolution or sharpness, will help me.

That I could tell a visual story a mere tenth as good as the one you linked I'd think I'd suffered some brain dysfunction requiring medical attention! Ha! Knowing how to plan, compose and weave shots together into something vaguely resembling a story I admit freely is not in my wheelhouse.

Which speaks to what I've been appreciating most on this forum...that we're all coming at this from our own talents, interests and desires. Reading what you (and others) need and look for in your equipment, and why, has been of immense value to me in broadening my perspectives with motion (versus stills) imaging.

For my needs, that I can come home after a day of shooting either with or without some still images or short video clips that help me further educate myself of my randomly encountered wildlife subject matter that I might have encountered, I had a good day...nay, great day! So I suppose (recognize) that it's the photographer in me...as it's all about the image quality and how far I can push and use the medium at hand to take home what I can using only the ambient light of the environment. (Yeah, I'd be one of those folks posting 3-minute snoozefest footage of ladybugs and leaves drying. Haw!)

"...internal FF 4K Raw, for $2500 or less...", heck, for what I just laid out for my S1 kit I'm miffed that Panasonic couldn't provide internal FF 4K 10-Bit 4:2:2 and that I am forced to purchase extra external equipment that is totally impractical to my outdoor shooting needs just to be able to use the camera to its full imaging potential...what they hey?! But if Canon (or someone else) were able to provide for all that (along with perhaps a chocolate on my pillow), all might be forgiven and I'd be sniffing around their wares. Ha!

Still rainin', still dreamin', :)

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15 minutes ago, Jimmy G said:

Which speaks to what I've been appreciating most on this forum...that we're all coming at this from our own talents, interests and desires. Reading what you (and others) need and look for in your equipment, and why, has been of immense value to me in broadening my perspectives with motion (versus stills) imaging.

I’m definitely the odd man out here and I wouldn’t recommend my methods to many but I don’t do this for a living and I don’t presume to, so I can move at my own pace with the little equipment I need to tell the stories I want to. Want vs. Need has become an importantly simple concept in my decision making regarding filmmaking. When I stopped chasing equipment and put need in front of want, I found that my wants and needs are actually pretty similar.

Eventually I’ll need to upgrade to 4K or 6K but until I can find a tool I am comfortable using, that helps me tell my stories, I am perfectly happy with what I have. To be honest, I never thought I’d ever get as good of images that I am getting. And... if 2K is good enough for the Alexa... then who am I...

Are you looking at the S1H as well? I know this is a thread about Canon but man does Panasonic piss me off just as much sometimes. Every time they release a camera that I want, the price is just too high for me to justify for a hobby.

And to keep this on topic... I don’t even care why Canon has omitted 24p... they did... so these cameras are now a non starter. Which is a shame because I have always loved Canon’s soft look.

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5 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

Should only be a week to go now before we find out if there might be a contender for that one.

My guy said he'll let me know a bit more when he gets home from work.


? I can’t wait to hear more. After spending a half hour on their website the other day, I was floored about this camera. I just hope the price isn’t what I suspect. 

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On 9/4/2019 at 2:48 PM, Mokara said:

Because people who use those products don't use 24p in any significant numbers. Canon would have done their market research, they will know what their customers are doing.

And, I've said this before in another thread (changed for the above argument):

Here is the problem with that argument, and many people have made that same argument.... in one version or another.

So you are are saying Canon has "done their market research, they will know what their customers are doing" and the end product of all that research is to exclude 24p

The problem with that statement is that companies like Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Blackmagic also have market research teams and pros telling them what the people want.... why is it that they include 24p???

See the thing is.... Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Blackmagic, etc. are not even number 1 in this segment.... so that doesn't mean that they don't know what they are doing or don't know how to be number 1, its more along the lines that they should be more hungry to be number 1 and they will do anything to get to number 1, hence they will include 24p.

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It's frustrating to see Mokara make the same argument over and over again despite all logic and reason.

Canon left out 24p in their lower end cameras because they wanted those users to spend more and/or invest in the new RF mount cameras. 

It really is that simple. It's a calculated move where they've decided that the rewards outweigh the negatives. 

Casual users are unlikely to care or notice, which is the only thing Mokara is correct about. 

Enthusiasts/low budget filmmakers will either pay up for more "premium" cameras, because of brand loyalty or the amount of money they have already invested in Canon gear, or they will move on to a different camera system. 

From a purely financial standpoint it makes sense, because unless their sales absolutely tank, they'll end up making more by forcing people to pay more for the features they've always had, even if a percentage of users abandon Canon. They've probably calculated those customers were at risk of buying different cameras anyway. 

But by removing 24 fps from their new sub $1,300 cameras they've given you two choices if you want to stay with Canon: pay up or buy up the remaining inventory of soon to be phased out cameras that are collecting dust in warehouses and store back rooms. 

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