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New use of 8K


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I saw this yesterday ir the day before. Apart from the background, it completely change slighting, like a proper gaffer. It's almost like getting rid of many departments or merging them into one super large one.

I wonder how bright this projection is. 

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Fuck, that’s so cool.

Imagine the grander scale of this...

Create 1 studio space... and film everything there... forever... forget location shoots. Forget building sets... paint a ladder blue or green.... and your pretty much golden.

In my opinion, they didn’t even have to have a real motorcycle in that shot.

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Old news, I worked on a film set a couple of years ago which was doing that! 

Was fantastic as it meant we had great sound for the car scenes as everything was done in a studio space (although one thing I wish was different was I wish the servers they had running this off was placed a bit further away, it was a noisy racket! This was some heavy heavy duty image processing power going on in the background), meanwhile everything was captured in camera because everything was playing out live behind the camera. (and much much higher resolution than 8K was being used!)

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Really cool technology! Actual projections always have much better integration with lights and reflections than green screens. One of my favorite lighting scenes is the tower in Oblivion, where all of the lighting was "ambient" projected off of a 360 degree projector screen. Though of course that wasn't motion tracked or 3D.


As awesome as this technology is, though, from an enjoyment standpoint, I prefer to shoot on location. It's just so much more fun than being stuck in a studio.

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On 8/7/2019 at 4:41 PM, ntblowz said:

For shooting in studio with real time tracking and rendered background, they used 8K screen for the backdrop.




Wow. That is amazing. What I found most impressive was how they could digitally manipulate the landscape and place rocks and other geographic features anywhere they wanted to.

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