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EXCLUSIVE: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gets Time of Flight Autofocus with Prototype add-on

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Time of Flight / LiDAR continuous autofocus is really quite remarkable technology. There are rumours Panasonic will implement it on future cameras like the GH6. Don’t you wish the current autofocus-ch

Thanks for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. Please buy it I've run out of gaffer tape making this one so that integration will have to wait for a while.  

Another quick and dirty demo just so you know that I'm not sat on my arse not getting on with it. This is brought to you via the medium of a family pack of Golden Wonder crisps and a microwave to

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14 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

I'm up to something that could yet result in the GH5 not needing to have to use gears and motors either....

Same here. I could alfa-beta-zeta test whatever you need :) If you can make reliable TOF AF without the need to use Tilta.. that would be just crazy. And man.. you would get some orders on that. Fixing GH5 AF wold be a milestone for everyone!

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I own the Panasonic 12-35 MK II which I would use it with , but I am more interested in using it with some vintage lenses and Tilta Nucleus M.  Sounds like we will get support for both when released, which is great!

This can’t come soon enough and if there is a kickstarter,  let us know here first , so we can give you our money to help speed development.


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Not to be negative but is there any way to get around the narrow FOV, for example the $10K Preston light ranger 2 have a FOV of 18 degrees and basically has a line that you can focus along, but that's it.

I'm assuming a much more affordable system is not going to get around that.  It's still very useful for interviews / narrative, but kinda useless for runandgun

I was hoping to find a use for pocket 4K for me but I can't seem to find one :(  I even bought a cage and 2 T5 drives.  Not knocking the camera, just need AF :(

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You never know, I might also sell this one for $10K so that part of your assumption could be wrong as well ;)

The released product will be different in a significant way other than just the price though but its still a way off being revealed yet.

I wouldn't delay any camera buying decision based on a yet to be available device from a serial deadline misser such as myself.

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