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Why is Canon SO Frustrating?!


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6D Mark II is not cinema for me. There is a 1080p frame grab, look at it full screen and it screams digital. Lack of dynamic range, mushy codec, in many ways a step back from even the

Heh if u can't beat em, join em! 

I'd advocate Canon for stills. Even when my wife had a 700d, her images smoked my Sony A6/A7 whatever just from pure image rendering. nearly every photographer I work with uses Canon.  For video

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22 hours ago, Django said:

I've been sticking with Canon mainly for two reasons: 35mm F1.4L & 50mm F1.2L. 

I love the 5D series, mark 1 being my favorite mojo wise for stills & 5D2/5D3 for ML Raw.

1DC/1DX2 are also DSLR beasts.

The EOS R is still my favorite mirrorless, despite all its limitations. It's a baby C200.

That said, for my next "big cam" I will be skipping C200 and probably going for an FS7. Just so much more bang for the buck.

I just picked up the R as a new primary photography and am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy shooting video with it. I was shooting photos and videos for a PSA this morning and never felt the need to pull the GH5 out of the backpack. I was shooting hand held and can tell the footage isn't as clean as the GH5, but our social media manager and creative director gave it the thumbs up. 

I'm now debating if I'll buy an EOS R to replace my 5D for personal use, or wait until the next iteration. 


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1 hour ago, ade towell said:

the now free full V-log firmware update which I think comes out in a few weeks will give the S1 the best audio quality of all the mirrorless offerings, especially if you pair it with their XLR microphone adaptor DMW-XLR1

I'll be suprised if the pre amps are better than a7sii

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