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  1. It's important to remember that this is a weird year for electronics, there's hope that this may only be a result of the shortages. The wafer shortages, and even shortages related to resins(thanks, Texas freeze), is forcing companies to make changes in order to be able to produce a product. Examples: Intel stepping to old wafer technology, auto manufactures removing features and shutting down lines to protect the bread winners, inability to even spec out 4k screens in most of Dell's laptops, etc.
  2. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2020/09/investigating-the-canon-r5-heat-emission/#comment-5065269671 The only heat issue I see is the CF card getting hot enough to potentially harm someone when handling it(there's regulations for this type of stuff). As noted in the article, the EXIF reported a peak of around 63c, and they didn't observe any components reaching such temperature. The hottest spot was the CF slot after the update, it hit 57c and the card was 52c. The sensor was 48c.
  3. I'm sure it's been tried before, but I wonder if the memory clearing trick from the 5D works. Pulling the battery, turning on the camera and hold down the trigger for a second. With any luck, some sort of memory trick might defeat the waiting period if the camera is at a reasonable temp.
  4. Sorry, but you have cabon emission confused with particulate matter emission. The United States produces around twice the amount of carbon emissions as India and around China produces around 3 times the carbon emissions as we do. Per capita, China's carbon emissions is about on par with the United States, India's per capita carbon emission is significantly lower than the United States. When it comes to particulate matter emission, India and China is still producing magnitudes of PM more than the US, even on a per capita basis. Today's clean burning diesels(even the cheating VW diesels) produce around 100 than the tier 1 emission compliant engines of a decade or so ago. The carbon emission output has remained almost the same despite the massive reduction in PM. That's why the air quality in the US has made incredible improvements over the last half century, but carbon emission rates have hardly changed.
  5. What was up with some of the sites saying there was around a 500 dollar price drop on the P6K and then deleting the articles? The text still populates in a Google search description for Cinema 5D, but they deleted the article. New Shooter was reporting the same thing.
  6. The phrase over promise and under deliver exists for a reason. I've learned to take "future updates" as a grain of salt. Until it's being delivered, it might just be vaporware. And it's vaporware that can drive up stock prices temporarily for a small win. Examples: CANIKON Adapter Android updates for Moto phones Half of the promises that Elon Musk makes
  7. I just picked up the R as a new primary photography and am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy shooting video with it. I was shooting photos and videos for a PSA this morning and never felt the need to pull the GH5 out of the backpack. I was shooting hand held and can tell the footage isn't as clean as the GH5, but our social media manager and creative director gave it the thumbs up. I'm now debating if I'll buy an EOS R to replace my 5D for personal use, or wait until the next iteration.
  8. The 3:2 full frame 6k is great for the marketing world. We normally have to shoot two or three times for 16:9, 1:1 and vertical video. 3:2 gives us a lot more flexibility.
  9. Most of the engineers I'm speaking of are ones who passed the PE, not some liberal arts major with a job title. The job market is saturated with engineers coming out of college, but the trades are in high demand with few applicants(mainly due to the death of votech during high school). With that said, I know a few engineers who broke 6 figure, but I know just as many heavy equipment techs and crane riggers that broke 6 figure. And most of the sparkies are making around 80k.
  10. This is because skilled trade work pays well. The machinists, service technicians, welders and electricians make more than the engineers. Unlike the engineers, they aren't up to their eyeballs in debt with student loans(they get payed to learn). Value needs to be created and sold to support the service industries that don't pay nearly as well(besides banks)as the industrial services.
  11. I assume they would keep the internal bit rate low enough and make sure the cam doesn't become Netflix approved. It would make sense to release a camera that blows the doors off the competition, but still give a few reasons for high end productions to stick with the FS series.
  12. The Z6 I've got on order at work should be here this week. I'll be happy to report back what I notice between it and the GH5 I use for videos. The Z6 will be my new primary hybrid shooter, I expect the GH5 to be my preferred video shooter. I'm really curious to see how the Z6 grades against the GH5, I've had few issues taking care of mixed lighting issues with the GH5's 8 bit. Anything that is too much of an issue usually results in the dust being wiped off the 5D and bringing in some ML RAW.
  13. I'll look and see too. I know for power tool batteries, everyone uses Samsung 18650 cells and you'd be crazy to spend the extra 50-75 bucks on name brand. I'm not sure if camera batteries also use standard cells that all come out of the same part bins or not.
  14. 6240(listed pixel width)/3840(UHD, I didn't see a 4K option) = 1.625. If the specs are correct, it should be almost identical to Canon APS C. Depends on the manufacture. I've had some off brand LP-E6 outperform the Canon battery and some that sucked.
  15. LPE17. Specs rate the battery life to be 250 pics and 240 pics at zero degrees science. Real world usage might be a little lower. It's the same battery for the smaller cameras and the Rebel, starting with the T6i. Fortunately, there's plenty of aftermarket batteries available. A double charger and 2 batteries can be had for 20 bucks(freedom dollars, not the pounds).
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it's physically possible to crop the 4K more on that sensor, unless if they're calling 3.5K 4K.
  17. I would assume it's there and take it as a pleasant surprise if it's not cropped. It'd probably be a slightly tighter crop than APSC or however the math adds up for this sensor. I agree. I was wondering if there's potential for it in the US market. However, I believe my GX85 also might be limited to 24/25.
  18. 8 bit out, 4k 120mbps h.264, no C-log. EOS RP Specifications (5).xlsx It does have timelapse 4K at up to 29.97/30 fps. 4K video is listed for 24 and 25 fps, don't see 30 fps.
  19. A tripod would work well if most of the environments I film in would allow me to carry one around with me. Sadly, I don't have that luxury. In the meantime, I need to settle with a decent hybrid shooter that has IBIS.
  20. The handheld look from a small mirrorless isn't bad if you use the neck strap and hold it out far enough to keep it tight. But still, IBIS would be needed for me to consider one.
  21. I think they would, given that consumers in some areas are going to want to put up content on their 8K TVs, even if it's more of a gimmick. It'll also serve as a taste of what's to come for larger cameras. It might not have the fancy color science, but it'd be a perfect way to showcase the new codec.
  22. I hope they allow a video mode for the full 3:2 sensor. We've lately been producing content that has to be viewed both at 16:9, 1:1 and vertical.
  23. Maxotics, that just looks like bayer artifacts. Try using a few different debayer tools and make sure sharpening isn't cranked up.
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