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Non-adobe workflow for 50D raw?


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Hi there


I'm thinking of getting a 50D, but I'm a bit worried that I don't have Adobe Photoshop/ACR, Lightroom or Premiere, which seem to figure heavily in people's workflows. Has anyone tried processing ML raw video outside of the Adobe ecosystem? Nothing against adobe, I just can't afford to invest in a different platform right now.


I have Aperture, FCPX, and DaVinci Resolve Lite. Anyone have any suggestions for what a non-adobe workflow might look like? I am going to be at a disadvantage compared to those in adobe-world? :-) 


Andrew, does your 50D raw video book cover non-adobe workflows?





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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

If you've Resolve Lite use that.


If not i use RPP - it has some great film stock presets, hot pixel removal & everything you could want.

Also, other people are using RawTherapee.

Both of these are free & you can export in TIFF or JPEG & then you can use QT7 or MPEGStreamclip.

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Thanks both of you for the advice. Another thing you often hear is people talking about "losing the advantages of raw" at a certain point in their workflow, which I guess means making a decision about "baking in" an exposure and white balance. I guess that if I have ProRes in FCPX I'd still a lot of latitude in the final edit tho.

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Resolve is nice,to me, it's actually a lot more confortable to grade in resolve vs AE (even with magic bullet). The only problem is that the debayer in Resolve is pretty bad in conjunction with 50D raw files. You can blur the chroma but it won't get rid of the luma artifacts coming out of the debayer, and depending on the footage you will have to blur rather heavy,-> bleeding colors,etc...


In AE with ACR you can combat the false color a little bit better, and the debayer doesn't give you the strange artifacts resolve does, but it's not cheap to get AE. Raw Therapee (free) works great but you will have to export every single frame and it's a point of no return for extreme recovery,exposure,white balance,etc...


The 50D is great for the price but I would go for a BMPCC if I actually had lenses for such a small sensor.

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 I guess that if I have ProRes in FCPX I'd still a lot of latitude in the final edit tho.

I'm in the middle of a 60D Raw edit & yes you still get loads of latitude in FCPX.

I use RPP (left it flat, Auto WB & +5 sharpening), export to TIFF & make a PR HQ .mov with QT7.

The Bit Rate is high & nothing has fallen apart or caused me problems for the result i want.

But you need to test & see what works for you/your project - its the only way to be sure of what workflow you'll use & why.

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