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Adobe have dropped support altogether for Cinema DNG in Premiere Creative Cloud, not that support in the previous version was at all workable. After Effects CC still supports Cinema DNG but it is as slow to playback and render as ever compared to Resolve.
I can't believe they're trying to bury their own format like this, without first replacing it with an alternative. Cinema DNG it at it's peak in terms of camera support.
A good job we have so many good third party converters, codecs like CineForm, as well as native Canon raw plugins for Premiere CS6.
Adobe could have given me a major reason to upgrade to CC but they epic failed.
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I think it was a decision made a while ago, before this happened:


FS700 - raw - Cinema DNG on Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

BMCC - raw - Cinema DNG on SSDs

BM Pocket Camera - Cinema DNG on SD cards

BM Prod Camera - 4K compressed Cinema DNG no less!
Canon 5D Mark III - native raw converted to Cinema DNG in post

5D Mark II - ditto

50D - ditto

60D - ditto

600D - ditto

550D - ditto

Did I miss any?

Ikonoskop - Cinema DNG

KineRawS35 - Cinema DNG

KineRaw Mini - Cinema DNG


So yeah, really wise of Adobe. Well done.


How about they drop AVCHD support next?

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Adobe announced they would drop Cinema DNG quite a while ago... You could equally point fingers at the camera/product manufactures for using a standard that they knew was going to be dropped, just because it was free and easy to license.


Of all the cameras you listed though.... Sony and Canon are not actually using the format.... Blackmagic have their own system and the others are very niche and wont concern Adobe.


It's a pain, but due notice was given.

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Excerpt from http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2012/09/cinemadng-in-after-effects-cs6-and-elsewhere.html


One question that we’ve been seeing a lot–especially since the recent announcements of a couple of cameras–is why Premiere Pro doesn’t import CinemaDNG files. The answer is simply that we have not been satisfied with the performance that we have been able to achieve with CinemaDNG files in Premiere Pro, in which real-time playback is crucial. If it’s important to you that we add native import of CinemaDNG footage into Premiere Pro, please let us know with a feature request so that we can get a sense of whether this is an area where we need to put more effort.


Adobe Feature Request page :


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