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Film is Make-Believe


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Indeed it is.  I've seen lots of YouTubers do their tutorials in mixing sound and adding foley and it's truly amazing at how much latitude you have with making things still believable.  and how much the sound really makes a difference.

I've heard people say that the picture is for the viewers brain and the sound is for the viewers emotions.

I think excellent sound and music is one of the reasons I like many movies.  A few that come to mind is The Hours and Run Lola Run, and I'm also reminded of the cult Australian hit Hercules Returns.  Highly recommended :)

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20 hours ago, jonpais said:

Some say sound is 50% of good filmmaking. The single most remarkable experience in my lifetime of how sound can enhance a movie was Raging Bull (1980). Here’s a short fun look at how foley artists create movie magic. 

That video is the first on my playlist dedicated just to foley videos! Check out my whole playlist:




17 hours ago, Ivko Pivko said:

This is an art I'd love to learn and work with. Man, Foley is a dream to do. I wish I had the time and space to make a little studio for that.

It is one of the tougher areas in production sound to make a full time living from. 

But yes, would be fun to do! Would be one of my idle dreams as well to have. 


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