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Up for auction: Elmoscope II Anamorphic x2 rebranded Kowa


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Just put my Elmoscope II up for auction:






The Elmoscope II is a rebranded Kowa 8z /16H.


Here is a sample video I shot with this lens of me bleaching polaroids,... thought it'd be more interesting than random trees an' shit,... not that there's anything wrong with random trees an' shit,....
This is straight out of the camera,  filmed with the Elmoscope II on a Contax Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.4 set between f2.8 - 5.6, on a Lumix GH2 with the Valkyrie TZ3 Beta2 patch. 100% manual of course. No color correction/ adjustments / leveling / grading / fx other than unsqueezing in post.




more details in the listing, but if you guys have any questions fire away :)




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thanks tferradans! 


i asked our resident expert how it compares to a B&H and he said this:



much smaller run than kowa  bell howell better quality control.
it is an 8z that would go through additional tests by elmo.
elmo made the best ever cine projector so they made sure all the optics where the best they could be.
lovely single coat  Magnesium Fluoride should be super sharp.


i've tried a 35mm in a clamp and there is a slight vignette, but,.....the clamp may not be ideal as it doesnt get the rear lens close enough,..


right up against the lens, handheld there is no vignette so 35mm is the widest. dont have a 28mm to try unfortunately.


i would imagine redstan might have more suitable clamp which i might need to pick up for my other elmoscope II :)

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that video is great..great way of showing off corner to corner sharpness real world.

simply superb sharp optic you got..

worth more than bell howell i think.


these would of come from the 8z optic batch elmo would of tested and rejected some.

from a factory situation emoscope like this should be mighty fine.


the clamp needed is out of stock i did one which had 62mm thread with a retention ring gonna be a few weeks before i get around to doing more.


i have a new design one now but it is 52mm so a little more distance but still ok.

nice job on the video : )

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