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16 minutes ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

I appreciate the input. Its good to hear other people had the same struggle. Its keeping me up at night haha, but I think a little pain is necessary to get to a higher level. I just took a position as head of lighting for a web series, its unpaid so I am not too worried. That said regardless of pay I like to perform my best. I was very honest about my experience though.

I took the plunge last year and worked for a wedding video company, was super worried they wouldn't like my work but everything turned out fine and I learned a lot.

A really senior former work colleague had spent a lot of time in the armed forces and talked a lot about "time in rank".  As far as I could tell it talked about the dangers of promoting people too quickly, and that you needed to spend "time in rank" to really learn how to do things properly.  I suspect that for some people who never rise through the ranks that's because they haven't worked out the things you need to learn at that level, so they never advance.

I take this to mean that there are key skills to learn before you can progress (and still do a good job) but that if you learn fast then you can progress steadily too.  This has been my experience.  When I was young (which saying makes me feel like I'm 80 years old!) I was frustrated about being underused and that I had so much more to offer and could do a way better job than the people running things.  In a sense that's true, but it's also like when you watch someone playing a game and you see things they don't, but what you don't take into account is that they're seeing things you're not.  Also, the easier something looks the more likely it is that the skill of that person is what is making it look easy, rather than it actually being easy.  Now when I look at younger generations and I think about them being in charge, the sheer weight of what they don't know would make me very reluctant to put them in charge of anything.

It's a balance I think, but hard work and learning as much as possible is what will distinguish you in the long run.

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5 hours ago, kye said:

Same for me in my day job.  If I come across potential work and I think "wow, that seems like it might be beyond my skill level" I stop and think about the alternative, which is someone else doing it.  That usually 'inspires' enough confidence to jump in and do it :)

Yup, you might not be as good as you want to be (I always want to be even better!), but if you can be the best they've ever had then that is still something you can feel good about!

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19 hours ago, kye said:

Same for me in my day job.  If I come across potential work and I think "wow, that seems like it might be beyond my skill level" I stop and think about the alternative, which is someone else doing it.  That usually 'inspires' enough confidence to jump in and do it :)

If you're passionate about sound and filmmaking, you hang out on forums like this, and you've hobbled together your own kit, and you're keen and pay attention to stay on top of the ball during the shoot, then you're almost certainly their best option when it comes to sound on unpaid student/indie films. 

Once you've got the experience of a few of those under your belt, then even if you're asking one or two hundred bucks for the day for a short film, we'll you're likely still their best option

And I'd then done heaps at this lower level, before I even got to doing many jobs at anything close to "pro rates". It's a natural progression up. 

19 hours ago, kye said:

My advice if you're contemplating taking on jobs you're not sure if you're up for is this:

  • Get as much experience as you can in your own time

You can play around with your gear, watch youtube videos, and read manuals, but in the end it is really hard to get experience on set without actually being on a film set.

But that is where all those many student/indie no budget film shoots come into play, they're great learning/testing grounds when starting out. 


19 hours ago, kye said:

Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.

I've been on so so many shoots every year. 
And when not working, I'm still consumed with my obsession, learning from forums/youtube/manuals/textbooks. 

19 hours ago, kye said:

People will re-hire those people that they like to work with because they have the right attitude, so that's the best long-term strategy.

Yeah, people will often re-hire a person based more on liking them than on their actual abilities.

So is good to not just focus on your abilities (which is very important to improve as well!) but also just being a likeable person that others enjoy working with. 

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50 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

Would hope the music video though is going to be even more epic ?

Not gonna happen) here's compare my bts and a video that already complete:

https://youtu.be/9-m-yoC6i1I - Alexa mini/Ronin, operator, fpuller, mechanic and a director on w/less monitor

And my humble bts, that was presented to client in 360p quality) https://vimeo.com/293635505

Also thx for all your comments guys, i'm really suffering in lack of reaction on my works)

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Got a Fujifilm X-A5!

Used to have a Fujifilm X-F1 (twice!) and a Fujifilm X-Q1 some years ago as my small pocketable cameras. 

But otherwise Fuji hasn't really been on my radar due to a lack of any mirrorless cameras with great video (although Fuji is well known for their great cinema lenses!). However all that has changed with the Fujifilm X-H1 / Fujifilm X-T3 / Fujifilm X-T30! 

Unfortunately the Fujifilm X-A3 is not one of those, but those other Fuji cameras did get my thinking about the Fujifilm X Mount family of mirrorless cameras.... and checking out what deals there are on eBay. 

Some of them are surprisingly very very cheap!  

Waited patiently for a fantastic deal to pop up, and when I saw this Fujifilm X-A3 available for only US$115 I just couldn't say no to it! Then I got a  25mm f1.8 lens for it for only US$34



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9 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

The 5 minutes of 4K/15p video ought to be lovely from it lol. ☹️ 

Am maxed out at 1080 60fps

It is the X-A5 which has "4K"


3 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

can't complain for $150 bucks with lens tho 

Exactly, it is a screaming good deal! If I get drunk and lose it one weekend night then I won't shed too many tears over it. 

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Had two back to back shoots yesterday! Busy busy (had to turn down three other jobs for that day as well).

Meant I needed to put together a 2nd bag for the people who were covering me on the 1st shoot while I went to do my 2nd shoot of the day. 



And then today, I felt quite short.... twice! haha
(I'm actually 6' 3" / 190cm tall)

Used an applebox and a small step ladder. 



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