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BIG NEWS - Hands on with CONTINUOUS raw recording on Canon 5D Mark III

Andrew Reid

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The 1 issue you guys are having with write speeds is fixed in 1 camera.....The D4 from nikon has that XQD slot everyone loved to hate without trying for some reason. Got to tell you it is very fast, the buffer never fills up and dumping 16G off the card on usb3 is well almost instant Ive never seen a progress bar move that fast. 


I know magic lantern are not modding the nikon but man if they did that camera would finally be worth owning again. I sold it for a D800 BMCC combo which made more sense but that sensor is ridiculous and honestly XQD should have taken off if more people tried it out I bet you would be getting anything you want out of the camera. Probably the reason no one is adopting it.

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I really have to speed up my workflow... batch editting all the frames (without selecting first) in Adobe Camera Raw and exporting them to edit/select was a bad idea. Takes too much time and Bridge crashes when I try to batch export 11000 DNG's :)


New version of RAWanizer looks good!





Next time I'm going to make some proxies first...


Never having used Rawanizer, and before I go and get a 50D, do I assume correctly that Rawanizer is able to take 50D raw output as recorded on the CF card and output 16 bit TIFF files please anyone?


I will not be outputting DNG's because I know I can use the sequential TIFF's as movie clips in Resolve at full resolution.

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1. I have a complete field recorder set-up for the audio. Would not recording audio when shooting RAW help ensure smooth writing to the card, or is the audio rate negligible?

2. Assuming one can get crew and talent on board with working around the shorter clips and so forth, does this RAW technique seem feasible for interviews, or might it still be preferable (more reliable) to record interview footage with the normal record modes (or even clean HDMI to Ninja-2) and leave the RAW for nice b-roll, scenic and other non-talent involved parts of the production.

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magic lantern said cameras use cf card will have a bigger chance of shooting raw and cameras with digi4 processor will have to work at a lower resolution. so, theoretically, can 7D with two digi4 and uses CF card shoot raw video at 1080p or higher?

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So it looks like Canon is still pretending this isn't happening.


EOSHD, so do you think that Canon actively helped ML on this one?

Or it just takes a corporate titanic a while to come up with a response.  I would save all the builds one bothers to snatch up. Just in case. Even tho if Canon tried to use layewers etc to stop this .. it would shoot it self on the foot. And who knows Canon might be partially of fully behind it. Talk about creating a phenomenon. .


A quessing game.. that in the end is some what irrelevant.  All the time spent on quess work might be spent doing videos instead. :P

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Some of the higher frame rates are buffer limited rather than card, for example at 60p it is doing 60fps to the buffer but can do 48p to the card with the frame rate override so card speed is OK, but buffer gets full.


I'm trying 50p and 48p at 1728 x 606 (Un-stretches to 1728 x 972 for proper image in post) and having some success but after around 1500 frames the buffer chokes.

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What software should I use for Raw workflow apart from the free ones?

I'm in a position where I have been planing to get a commercial Raw image management and adjustment program. Since I do quite a bit of photography as a hobby. 


But it hit me that could I be using the DXO optics pro with's it fine tuned lens correction modules to do my raw image processing.

Has anyone tiried a DXO workflow for raw PNG's ??


I'm all so naturally interested in the LIghtroom 5.. 


But what comes to the video editing suite. I have no plans to be cash cow for adobes creative cloud suite at this point. I may consider Adobe Creative suite cloud later if video hobby turns into an income source and no proper alternative video editing tools have emerged at that point.


The following is my planed workflow path for RAW video. 



1 Prep phase

Raw conversion with community tools. 



Lightroom 5 or DXO optics pro. image adjustments / fine tuning optical corrections and export to .. 



Decent video editor (perhaps Magix video edit pro)



What do you think? All recommendations are welcome.  

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