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  1. This Sony is very impressive for sure! But also a bit pricey compare to the GH4 full frame 4K makes focusing much more challenging (and glorious too)
  2. genuinely exciting design! Could this be mass produce for the masses? What do you think the price should be?
  3. Shane Hurlbut(D.P. of the upcoming Need for Speed)'s camera choices for need for speed This video shows the strongest strength of the Alexa Check out other videos on his channel on camera test/ comparison as well Need for Speed was shot on the C500 and the Alexa Shane explains the reasons he chose one camera over the other very thoroughly
  4. the d16 and the bmpcc are so different of a camera although they share some similar specs
  5. Same here, I want to buy a second hand 7D as my A-camera. little bit of information everywhere, some of them is outdated
  6. Sometimes, I found very frustrating when manufacturers announce an affordable product cost more then $1000.... I think they tend to forget whatever the price is, and just snap affordable on it....
  7. https://vimeo.com/73952768 1728x724 still looks soft... WHY!!!?
  8. Some people always only see the surface of the thing. I have a fellow student who just bought a BMCC 2.5k. I'm sure he has been reading how amazing RAW and 2.5K is. However, I don't think he has considered the amount of accessories he needs to operate the camera comfortably, I would say. External batteries, SSD drives, SDI monitor, camera rig,etc. And we haven't covered the post production yet. We all know the ungraded BMCC raw footage is dull and flat. You need to grade the picture to maximize the image quality. The work behind it is just.... On the other hand though, I've tried the ML raw on my 60D in 720p. I found the footages are quite nice and even better then 1080p in H.264. The color is natural and vibrant compared to H.264. I don't feel like I have to do extensive color correction and grading to make it look good. I also noticed the noise of the RAW is much more pleasing and very film grain like while the H.264 is just blocky purple digital sickness.... I always wet myself when I see some lovely film grain....and with anamorphic, it is just pure porn...
  9. Ha! I think that is why he said most of them and if every kids know how to hack a camera.....oh man
  10. thanks! I was discussing whether we should go with BMCC or canon DSLR raw with my director buddy the other day and we both agreed canon raw seems like a better choice because of the cost.(film school students...) But no playback really is a bummer. I also concern about the actual shooting as well since everybody just show how to install, post production and end result videos on youtube. I don't know will there anything that can hinders me during the recording.
  11. Can we play the ML raw videos back real time 24fps in camera yet?
  12. keep an eye for the digital bolex?
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