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  1. I´d really like to see some examples from users! Not trying to bitch or anything, but this sounds a bit too good/easy for the gain...If you get "all the gains" from a real LOG profile, what would you need one for and why does it take huge companies long to make LOG profiles etc. etc. I think this is really interesting but will hold off until I see some results from other people than the author
  2. I would really like to know how this works... If I understood correctly this is what happens: I have footage from the GH4, filmed with the specific settings (EOSHD Cinema Profile) that you researched and find best fitting for the LOG profile, which is applied much like a LUT is, which manipulates color so that it more closely resmbles a LOG profile, so you can then put a "real" LUT over it, which works better now, than before where you just had the standard footage out of the GH4. Right? (sorry for the long and confusing sentence)
  3. Holy shit get a grip of yourself! If this is truly what you are willing to say and not just some misscarriage of a message written in a short period of anger, then YOU are whats wrong with a WHOLE lot of people on this planet. Write all the opinion you want about products and companies and call them names and whatever, but please let other people decide on their own what to buy with THEIR money and dont call them names. How entitled do you have to feel to write shit like this!? I really do enjoy some quality content from you Andrew and am willing to deal with some weird attitude to a lot of stuff from you, but this really takes the cake for biggest fuckup. Please stick to informing people about stuff and giving your opinion about gear/companies/weather/whatever, but NOT on consumers that buy stuff. Its everyones own decision for gods sake. PS: I had a little vomit in my mouth when I read "If you buy this bundle you are not an artist and never will be, because you too do not care." Do you even read the stuff you wrote here?!
  4. So, I am editing a music video at the moment. The idea is pretty straight forward: The band went on tour recently and filmed every concert they had with multiple cameras. If you combine all concerts and all cameras, you get 26 clips total. The music video shall be a mash up of all these 26 clips (where they perform the same song). My first try was to just sync all clips and put them in a timeline, giving each their own video track. Well...with 26 tracks to choose from you really dont have that much oversight of what is happening and what scene to choose, as you have to toggle the output of the ones above the clip you´d like to watch. My next idea was to sync all of them up in a multicam sequence. Done. But upon playback...well...let´s not call it playback, but more of a slideshow. I have all clips as ProRes Proxys and already dropped the playback resolution to a quarter, but still...(and yes, I have a pretty beefy machine). So...does anyone of you have a good idea on what I could do to work as effectively as possible? Thanks a bunch in advance!
  5. I will use the 18-35 as both for paid work and personal projects/freetime, but the work aspect is more important to me regarding this decision. So I guess I´ll go with the 18-35 then, even though it does not have hardstops either, the focus ring seems to be ahead still and quality wise it also seems to be superior. Also thanks for tips on ND filters. Just one more question...any reason to go with "fixed" ND filters as opposed to high quality vario NDs (except for being able to reproduce certain scenarios more precise)?
  6. I hope this is the right thread for this, I didnt want to open a new one... So I own a GH4, a Speedbooster (for some Canon Lenses) and the Panny 12-35 2.8 (as an allrounder). Now I am really thinking about giving back the 12-35mm and getting the Sigma 18-35 1.8 instead and put that one on the Speedbooster. The main thing that bothers me about the 12-35 is that the focus ring is...pretty much non existant. For video work it is nearly unusable IMO. What do you guys think? Also semi related: I need to get some NDs...Vario or fixed? And does it have to be the Heliopan ones or is there a cheaper alternative with as good a quality as the Heliopan ones? Thanks a bunch in advance!
  7. Just the encouragment I need :) Thx for that! So you would definately recomend it? Even if my main focus lies on filming?
  8. ...and needing some second opinions. So, I currently own and mostly use my old EF 20-35 3.5-45. Which sucks. Its simply not performing well and 3.5-4.5 is just a PITA. So I am now having the following lenses in my view, which more or less fit my budget and needs: Canon 20-35 2.8 L: Its relatively old but from what I have read quite a performer, up there with the 16-35 2.8 L etc. The zoomrange fits my needs and 2.8 is pretty much all I need. Rokinon Cine 16 T3.3: I need wide lenses and 16mm would be great for me, but...well. Its pretty wide, so I would need something a bit longer, cause (assuming I´d sell my old 20-35) the next longest lens I own is a 50mm. Nevertheless, for the price the Rokinon seems to be exceptionally good, it already has focus gears, declicked aperture and seems to be just overall pretty nice. Rokinon 24 or 35 Cine Version: One these two would (should) acompany the 16mm, as I simply need something a bit narrower from time to time ;) They also have gears and declicked aperture, and seem to be performing quite well. So...what do you guys think? Any thoughts? Alternatives? Any input is much apreciated here! Thanks in advance!
  9. Ist really hard to tell if this camera can hold up to the expectations...I mean the Images look nice and all, but not at all as nice as the ones from the original BMCC...or am I just remembering wrong? I mean it would make perfect sense, the BMCC wouldnt have all that much going for it if the Qualities from the two cameras would be the same, but still....wasnt that the Thing BM announced? The BMCC Quality in a tiny package?
  10. I think I saw a bundle from Ginirigs that has their Extreme 17 Rig (like I said, surpisingly awesome, not only for the price) bundled with their slider for the same price the rig alone, might want to check that out (not sure if its still there however). I found this one: http://ginirigs.com/monster-g8-slider/ I dont own the Monster Rig, but the build quality should be just as good as the Extreme 17/Pro. Maybe that could be a good deal for you. As for the rig/steadicam question: Steadicam without a vest would be a nightmare for events...next to impossible I would say, unless you are Arnie in his best days. I have done some event work with some SHAPE configurations and it worked like a charm. I also had some suüpport thing that went into my belt ( like this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/734284-REG/Shape_wlb_COMPOFIC_Composite_Fiction_Camera_Support.html ), which really helped and made most shots a lot steadier and just felt like a good support overall. So unless you have a vest for the steadicam it will only be for smaller clips (4-5 Minutes max I would say), until your arm falls off. And dont forget that you definately have to practice A LOT with a steadicam before you are able to handle it properly and make your first really awesome steadicam shots. This can be incredibly tedious and frustrating, but I had a lot of fun overall (not saying that I would be a really good steadicam operator ^^) and the look on the faces of my neighbours as I walked the stairs of our apartmentbuilding up and down with the steadicam in my hands was priceless :D
  11. It just comes down to what you need... A Rig is a whole different thing than a steadicam. The same goes for a slide for example. If you dont use/need all of them, dont buy them just because you could eventually use them some day and it might come in handy one day in one situation... Nevertheless, the rig I bought, because I just felt I needed it ( ;) ) is the Gini Rig Extreme 17. You will get a lot of bang for your buck! The quality is quite impressive for the money (I paid around 500$) and you have a follow focus that works quite good, included. I also own a Steadicam HD 2000, which is more than enough for dslr work! Its not that expensive and does its job just fine! Just make sure to get some kind of quick release plate for it (that also sits on top of your tripod and rig!!!), as the srewing, unscrewing can be a real PITA! Hope that helped :)
  12. Lukas

    New BMPCC Footage!

    I'm curious about the Speedbooster abilities on the BMPCC... What would the crop be after addibg it? And in theory it should also work with non FF lenses, so the ones that cover a 1,6x crop...right?
  13. http://vimeo.com/70676876   Wow that looks incredible! The only thing holding me back is the question if there is some lens out there that would cover the wide end...I would definately need some FOV that a 18mm would give me on a 1.6 crop, so, something around 6-8mm, right? And one question is really always on my mind when thinking of this camera...might it be too small? Can I shoot handheld with it, like I can with my 60D? Any thoughts? What do you guys think of the footage?
  14. Most of the time I´m using Flaat10, which does a good job for me as it gets close to the final results, meaning I cant screw up too much with grading. But I have never heard of Tragic Lantern to be honest? Where can I get some news/infos about that?
  15. Yepp, gear addict over here, too ;) But I feel like at least I am not buying what I wouldnt use, but maybe thats just me screwing myself over :P   I guess you´re right, I havent gotten the most out of my 60D...I use cinestyle, but I kinda havent gotten around yet, how to make it shine! All I got out of it for now is weird looking footage, having a bit of that hipster, ungraded look. But I believe thats just me, not being able to grade the footage all that well right now, just as I havent got all that much experience with it. I guess I would be better off not buying a 5D III but investing in more, and better glass (always want to expand on my R lenses, as I currently only own the Summicron 50mm f2, which I simply LOVE!). Maybe buy a 50D at some point when I really feel that I have to have RAW, as it really seems to offer an incredibly bang for the buck. Or maybe just wait what the 7D Mk II will have to offer as I hope that Canon got its shit together and the first sing of that would be the 70D...   Thanks a lot in for the help, guys!
  16. I am shooting a lot with my 60D, mostly private this and that, mostly not real productions (still learning, ur right ;) ). The problem is that more often than not I find myself being grumpy over its poor performance (OK, poor might be a bit harsh, but...lacking that extra kick). Thats why I would love the extra quality of RAW. The post workflow is time consuming to say the least, but nothing impossible. But I guess you guys are right, RAW aint really worth the effort for everything except real productions and tests. Would there be an option for me if I want that extra kick, without ML RAW? I mean except the GH3/2 and BMPCC? Dont get me wrong, these are beasts from what I´ve seen, I just dont see myself investing in M43/C Mount glass in the near future...Not that I own thousands of EF (compatible) glass, but I simply own no M43 glass at all, so that would be another (large) investment to consider. Plus I love the shallow DOF of S35 (equivalent). But I am not sure right now what the speedboster would give me on a GH3 for example...?
  17. The available memory on the 60D has come to my mind, too! 720p continuous would be awesome and would absolutely be enough for my needs, I love the quality I can get with 720p on my 60D! But around 350 Frames right now, really doesnt cut it. The BMPCC is still in the race for me, as it would also relly fill my needs! Its small so I could take it anywhere, the image quality looks really impressive and all...but the tiny sensor scares me away. It will be interesting to see what the speedboster can achieve, but I´m not really counting on it. I like to go wide, as I am often shooting sports. But I really dont feel that I am covered on the wide end with this camera right now... I guess it all comes down to waiting, saving up some more money and looking at things in about 3-6 months. Maybe then I have enough money to easily buy the 5D without having to eat nothing bu bread for the rest of my life, or something even better shows up!   Also: Thanks in advance for the helpful and kind words, guys!
  18. I guess you guys are right...the 5D Mk3 is really really tempting, but maybe a little too much for me (financially) at the moment. I tried the 60d RAW Hack and it also works like it should, but the fact that it does not ercord audio at all and that it is only 960x545 (or so) continuosly, really annoys me... A 5D Mk3 would be the perfect fit for everything I do and pretty much offers the best bang for the buck for me right now...but its still a hell lot of money... I hate these kind of decisions!
  19. Hello I am new here and really hope that this is the right place to post this, if so, please excuse me ;) So to my question... Since the latest developments with the ML RAW Hack on the 5D Mk3 (and a whole bunch of others) is still moving and running like a charm it seems, I am more and more drawn towards buying a 5D Mk3. As I am still some young guy, fascinated by cameras and the movie making world and still not really earning thousands a day, this would be a HUGE investment for me. I got my 60D and some glass, but damn I really have the feeling that I´m running into my limits there. I like the camera, I own it since it was released and it has fulfilled its job eversince, but I feel like its time to step up the game a bit. Could this be the right choice? Would it be gamechanging for me?   Also feel free to make this the general go-to thread with equal matters relating buy/dont buy decisions ;)   Cheers, Lukas
  20. https://vimeo.com/68256958 Done on the 60D with 1280x720 which stops at about 350 Frames. Love the image (except the moire/aliasing issues which are horrific!) and the felxibility in post! But shooting and post is a real PITA...shoot, buffer full, wait for it to unload while constantly wanting to film sth...really anoying. But still, the image is 1000 times better than the standard h264 one!
  21. Seems promising! Will shoot somethin this weekend and use this tool. Unfortunately I only have a 60D, but nevertheless I am really excited to test it out! Thanks for the shout out!
  22. Looks really good! How many frames do you get until buffer is full/frames drop?
  23. LEICA R! Not exactly cheap but a really good bang for the buck if you consider the lenses performance(s)! Here is a good list of lenses and which ones work on fullframe: http://www.pebbleplace.com/Personal/Leica_db.html   You will need adapters, the best ones (but fixed as far as I know) are from Leitax. A good alternative would be the Novoflex adapters.   These primes perform incredibly well. Only have one so far (the 50mm 2.0 Summicron), but it is simply great! And if you have the extra cash you can let them be cine modded at Duclos lenses (adding gears, smooth, dampened aperture etc.).   A cheap alternative would be some old Zeiss M42 lenses. Just look em up on ebay and you will find a lot of em. I got the 35mm 2.4 Flektogon and it is indeed quite lovely!   Hope this helped.
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