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  1. You guys just don't get it... This film is a disturbing social commentary on the American family and the human condition... The mom "entering the fridge" is really symbolic for her addiction to crystal meth (ice). Notice how the family has to function more and more without her as her addiction gets worse? I didn't watch the ending (who could make it that far), but I like to think something really shocking (like GoT shocking) happened at the end, like maybe her pimp and drug dealer ends up executing her family one by one.
  2. Well, I just ordered an NX1 and I'll tell you what I got: The 16-50S lens. $1100 I'm going to order the 50-150S when it comes out too. $1500 I got a 256GB UHS-I memory card. $100 An extra battery. $60 A battery charger. $30 And I got a canon adapter so I can use my Zeiss manual glass. $20 And this is just the beginning of course. There will always be more to buy. Need some ND filters next I think. For the image quality this is so cheap I just can't believe it. We have REALLY come a long way in just a few short years. I think you could easily do feature film image quality wi
  3. I was waiting on the reviews for the A7ii and was planning on getting that. But then found the eoshd review on the NX1 which I had no interest in. Read the review and the fact that it is a tech monster caught my eye. But still specs only mean so much. But I watched the video and I really liked it. I did agree with Andrew that it seemed something like a baby-epic but I do think it has its own unique look. One site is not enough to make a decision though, so on I went onto youtube and started watching all of the NX1 test videos I could find. Sometimes it's not the specs so much in the end,
  4. So is it verified that if I attach up my smallhd ac7 via hdmi that I'll be able to use that for viewing and adjusting focus and exposure during raw filming on mkiii?
  5. You know what a tough workflow is. Splicing film together with tape or cement. All this raw is too tough stuff is just bs.
  6. Wow, so impressed that this thing is developing so fast. I can't keep up. Can anyone tell me if they ever got past the 4GB recording limitation?
  7.   Skipping looks pretty bad. I noticed it at once. Are you sure it's not the camera doing it? Maybe that resolution is just too much for the 50D?
  8. It says the the 50d is water resistant? How resistant exactly? Is this a camera I could dunk in my pool for a minute for an underwater shot? Like a raw gopro camera basically?
  9. The fact that the mkiii is in the same conversation as the F35 is pretty scary. The F35 is not even raw, lol. And the doesn't handle low light well. And it is huge and unwieldy compared to the mkiiii. And it's old and obsolete. And it probably costs 10k to have it repaired. Give me the mkiii with raw ALL day long if the image is comparable in any way.
  10. ^Do those girls know you are watching them? Lol. But seriously amazing video. Would be nice shots from a horror movie. So nice and clear and sharp, can't believe this is coming from a dslr. Love how much detail you can see through the lighted window.
  11. I would love to see what dark nighttime or poorly lit shots look like in raw. That is the Mark3's specialty after all. Would be interesting to see how good a poorly lit scene looks.
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