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  1. D5200 , Owned it for a while its value is well documented as are its low light capabilities. In use I found the battery times to be better than I had expected and read. The image really is quite good .Its not flawless there can be some horizontal banding, which seems to be worse with "Flaat" profiles at higher iSOs. Its not something that happens in an irregular way if you push the exposure to the right with a low contrast profile areas may band. The work around for me is to not bother as much with low contrast profiles at high Iso and get it right in the camera. The colours acceptable and accurate with perhaps a very very slight green cast , overall rich and vibrant but not too cooked. Usable right off the card , with nothing much to do in post if set up correctly. No moire or aliasing! Well very little. The rotating LCD is a huge bonus for me ,very handy. I found the camera pans pretty well and flys on a steady cam with little jello unless you want to do whips.  The limitation of the 20min per shot , didn't effect what I was doing. Turning off live view to change aperture not a huge deal for me, I do mostly use manual lens' but the switching back and forth isn't really that bad , I could never understand people who said that was a deal breaker for them? Or why it could be??    The real downsides? You can't dial in a kelvin temp ,although it has a work around by sampling an image. The HDMI out is NTSC only from what I have observed.  The Audio? Despite what I have read personally I think the preamps are pretty terrible even with an external mic although there are meters with no headphones out??? So it would be external audio all the way for me.   The Feel of it? The cameras grip is tiny and to me the whole thing feels a little cheap and fiddly, I know I can assign buttons but larger body cameras' have spoilt me a bit. Every other time I reach for the Iso button I detach the lens. Mind you the shorter body is lighter and more compact so that must make someone happy.   The camera is a very affordable over performer with the limitations of a camera that was designed with a consumer who wants to get into DSLRs in mind. The menus and the baked in presets are all geared towards that ends , It also happens to shoot really nice video when in the right hands. Despite the short comings I am about to purchase another two of them ,the image is really good and for under $600AUD its a no brainer.
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