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  1. Hey Andrew! I purchased the older PP for my A7sII and loved the color for well lit environments. I would like to get this one also for our new A7III What would the maximum ISO you would recommend for run&gun filmmakers in lower light environment. Or is there another profile you suggest during those situations? Thanks
  2. Is that s.gamut3.cine or another?
  3. I case anyone is interested. Just recorded 29min clip 4K 24 100m and no overheating yet on the A7s II. Lcd was on and against the body and in a 75 degree room. Body was warm though. Just a note, the battery is lasting longer than I remember the mk1.
  4. Where is the record button placement? Or is it mapped to the photo button?
  5. Could you share a pic so I can see what you mean? I'm willing to try it, I just don't want to bugger up anything. The only thing I worry about that is the durability for run and gun situations. We change lenses a bit.
  6. I have found that quite a few sigma lenses don't work properly with the Metabones IV for Canon glass. I even tried using the latest Dec 29th firmware and still no go. Here is a List that I found doesn't work properly and crashes intermittantly: Sigma 50mm 1.4 Sigma 35mm 1.4 Sigma 120-300mm last 2 versions (Older Sigma 120-300 works) Did you get any more information from Metabones about this?
  7. Hey Andrew, nice article about A7s and 1Dc. I noticed in a pic you had a monitor mounted to rods. What mount is that? thanks!
  8. My parents love to watch comedy's on BBC. Personally I don't get Brit humor or think its really that funny. I enjoy main stream and slap stick comedies like Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, The Hangover 1, Team America LOL etc. My wife hates them. To each his own I say, I would like to see the Interview if it comes around these parts.
  9. The A7s is an amazing camera used in most situations. I personally rented the camera and filmed a band demo inside a night club and it turned out great. Just so happend that the night club didn't have any blue leds and I had no idea there were any issues until it was too late. If its amateur because I am a little ticked then it is what it is.
  10. I guess I was hoping that Sony would simply fix the issue in a firmware update and that would be that. But everywhere I see people saying its an ongoing problem with many other Sony cameras and they are unlikely to fix it or even care. I guess we should have been more diligent before purchasing, but the low ISO was the holy grail for us and we jumped in without seeing how deep the water was. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and took advice from everyone who has chimed in with a workaround to lessen the issue. The main thing that works for us is raising the WB to 5000+ and helps the most. But unfortunately introduces quite a bit of post work to get things back looking right. I can live with the funky record button, its just frustrating to have an amazing camera with what seems like a minor firmware update. A small company like Blackmagic updated the black hole issue pretty quick.
  11. With all due respect max, do you even own a A7s? We own several. You sound like you work for Sony or have friends there. The problem isn't just with Slog2 nor high ISO. The issue doesn't happen on any other cameras we have used and the issue happens regardless of iso or PP and is reproducible. I know every camera has a few quirks but this makes the A7s unusable in the night club environments that we mainly shoot in. That's what ticks me off, we have a good bit invested in them and only use them for a few projects.
  12. Sorry Nate, but I don't buy that. I have 2 Sony A7s and it does the same thing no matter what profile we use or even turning it off. The only way I have found to minimise the issue is to bump the WB to 5000+ . We do alot of nightclub environments and Its for that reason alone that we do not use the A7s cameras anymore. Its Fing horrible and unacceptable they havent fixed it yet, even after the web is littered with posts about it.
  13. I second that suggestion. Any tips you could offer on PP or Slog settings. Its definitely complicated!
  14. smon222

    a7S questions

    I don't know about recording to smaller than 64gb cards.But recording with a 64gb card we get 2hr 41minutes(XAVC S) using Transcend SDXC-I R95-W60MB/s. They are fairly inexpensive but reliable. Record time is limited to 30 minutes. We are getting about 55 minutes per battery, they are really small so you can carry a bunch, however we use a battery grip and it makes it alot nicer and feels better in the hand.
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