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BIG NEWS - Hands on with CONTINUOUS raw recording on Canon 5D Mark III

Andrew Reid

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Posted this on Bloom's blogpost. Part of me thinks he realised he dropped the ball on this one and wants the whole thing to go away. Like Andrew said with great power comes great responsibility.    

The other day i put down a preorder on a Mexican wrap at a food stand in Soho.   If enough people put down a preorder I might get the wrap next year, so everyone do it!   I had my preorder on the

Somebody has to say it, so i'll go first.   2012: BMCC (Black Magic Cinema camera) 2013: MLCC (Magic Lantern Cracked camera)

ok so i recorded my first RAW samples with 5D3 + ML!!..HAPPY!!!!  



Now the post proces i work on



1. RAW2DNG to convert to dng

2. new project and composition in AE + rendering 

3. Editing in Premiere Pro and export to final 

4: Upload to youtube or to Vimeo


PS: ATM reading first edition

The EOSHD 5D Mark III Raw Shooter’s Guide

What do you guys use to proces RAW to final Vimeo trip? 


Thank you

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With the new EXCERIA PROâ„¢ CF cards from Toshiba do you know if we will have the ability to record RAW at 2K (2.35:1 ratio) with the 5D mark III?  The 32GB Toshiba CF cards achieve a read speed of 160MB/s and write speed of 150MB/s. It is not the CF card write speed that determines the resolution and restricts us to 1920x1080? I felt that you would be the best resource to have a possible answer to this question.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Admin, 


I want to purchase the guide, but I see that your guide is old and now the new ML was realesed in March 2014 for firmware 1.2.3. Apparently the installation is more simple (like just copy past on the card). 

So is the guide updated or what is your advice ? 

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