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BIG NEWS - Hands on with CONTINUOUS raw recording on Canon 5D Mark III

Andrew Reid

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- (Please notice all the moire throughout this edit with the BMC footage)


If you like a tiny(relative to full frame) sensor, moire and aliasing, terrible form-factor, limited internal battery, poor touch control and  a hard-to-see lcd screen, the choice is clear, go with the BMC. The slight increase in resolution is moot when there's moire all over the place. Also, in lowlight the BMC stands zero chance up against the 5D3. 

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs


5D MKii: "Here, BMD 2.5K cam, I hand you... YOUR ASS!"


(BMD cam falls to floor, battery depleted)


BMD CAM: "Forgive me, sensei MKiii! (his moire-riddled high-school beard glitters in the hanami sunset) I foolishly thought I had outgrown you, but now I know there is always another fleshy trick in your festering loincloth.."


5D MKiii: (takes a step forward and throws open his gi) "AHHAHAHA! I always win because..."


(crash zoom) "You can actually buy me in a shop"

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This is great thing.  Hey Andrew, that means you can be EOSHD again.  


Regardless, this just gives us another option for shooting high quality motion.  Embrace that.  


As for what else to shoot in the 5Draw vs BMC?  Go point the cameras at the sun and see which has 

"BLACKHOLE SUN, WON'T YOU COME, A WASH AWAY THE RAIN".  (or at least the rainbows).  


I'm so glad I sold my BMCv1EF.  

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From ML forums:

"The best you can with 600D (550D/60D) is: (limited by hardware SD transfer rates)

- 960Ñ…540, upscale it to 1280Ñ…720 (24 fps max)
- 1280Ñ…400, tight aspect 3.20:1 (24 fps max)
In Canon's 720p - lineskipping 1.66Ñ…, so you should upscale to restore correct ratio:
- 1280x400 upscales to 1280x664 - near to 16:9 (24 fps max)
- 1280x360 upscale to 1280x600 - 2.13:1 aspect
- 1280x320 upscale to 1280x533 - 2.40:1 cinemascope aspect

It is only 1280px wide, but pretty nice looking though"

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All is great and I love it, but time for LOW LIGHT tests now maybe ;)?? Even if in good lighting 5d is not a king (although very close anyway), it should be in low light - good times for us: run and gun guys! Shame I don't have time to install hack on my 5d yet grrrr.

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It produces a file M000000*.RAW, a single file.  Then you use raw2dng.exe to convert it into still DNG frames, in the hundreds or thousands.  Very crude at this point but it works.  I'm following Andrew and using After Effects to compile them all into a timeline and then rendering into ProRes 422HQ for edit in Premiere Pro.


As a stills shooter I find this intriguing. 

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The Blackmagic deadenders will hate this, but look at the false color artifacting on the pebbles in the path up the middle:




Those artifacts come out clearly on test chart shots, including the one Andrew posted here back at the beginning of the BMCC hysteria, taken by John Brawley comparing it to the C300. (And no, those artifacts are not CA from the lens in this case...CA has a radial distribution not present here.) Why aren't charts the very first thing shot on a new camera/codec combo? Who knows, but I'm sure lots of people will pound their chests and insist heroically that "movies aren't made of test charts, at least not the movies I want to see.  :angry: " The next thing that should be shot is of course the inside of a lens cap, to see how fine and regular the noise floor is at various resolutions and gain levels. I do these things when evaluating my options...do the rest of you just trust random samples and poorly controlled A/B's posted to the Internet?


Entertainment.  :rolleyes:


Anyway I don't see overheating the sensor as an issue, or overheating the processors...but it's possible overheating the CF card could happen with that intensity of writing. But of course you will be doing a lot of CF card swapping, RED-style, offloading throughout your shoots this way, so they will have a chance to sink off some of that heat. The batteries can also be swapped out as heatsinks, as you might need to with a flash. And turning off the live view LCD will keep the sensor cooler.


Hopefully the final version of this allows everything else to work simultaneously...H.264 proxy with audio to the SD card, clean uncompressed HDMI out, live view on the LCD, and focus assist. In the meantime, I suggest viewing the alpha tests for positives and not negatives. We can review the BMCC negatively because that is no longer alpha code. Officially, anyway...  :ph34r:

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5D MKiii: (takes a step forward and throws open his gi) "AHHAHAHA! I always win because..."


(crash zoom) "You can actually buy me in a shop"



a shop we donte need nose analogue shops dis is the intranet generacion innit

canon shops for losers shops for old peeple 2 get dere milk and sliced bread.


what der fat geezer at black magic gives like the red fella is bee leafs

obama hopium of a betta world just around der corner.


lovely jubbly vapour rare looks so real on der computer screen you can almost smell it and touch it.

jpeg porn for der kids.


red and black magic say dat this canon thing is not real and if it is will explode any second.

i beleefs dem


as scotty said in dat new shit star wars filum captin der system it cannot take der data pressure shes gonna fuckin blow.

you stick to yer  buy it now  shops 

we will take der hopium and beleefs vapour ware is der future and beyond.

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Then after we get that, give us 6k 300 fps plzzz.

And a solar battery that charges when not in used along with a in camera anamorphic simulator that'll make the footage indistinguishable from footage shot with anamorphic lenses. While we're at it, how about a in-camera assembly edit feature?

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In reference to :vimeo.com/66170436


They crushed the blacks so it's not really a really a valid comparison of DR. The BMCC video has been shown to have more DR that 5D3 stills, so I'm not sure why they think the new 5D3 video hack would increase the 5D3 DR beyond its stills capabilities.


(looking at the downloaded version)

Consider: @ 1:15 (BMCC) you can see more detail in the wood background, and the highlights are not blown out on his face@ 1:23 (5D3) you can see slightly less detail in the wood and his forehead is over exposed. Looks like a clear DR advantage for the BMCC

I'm not saying that the 5D3 RAW video has more DR than a still, but since it is normalized down to 2MP vs. 22MP it surely could. You have the same max allowed value but have averaged potentially tons of pixels together to form each deep shadow pixel, trading spatial information and detail away (the 22MP starting point).

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